Alyssa Brown crochets connections through unique projects

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
The wedding cake featured in The Church Basement Ladies at the Twilight Theatre earlier this year was crocheted by Alyssa Brown.

Alyssa Brown, a Greensburg resident, has been crocheting since 2014 and has found new connections online with other crocheters. 

“Connecting with people through crochet is actually very easy,” said Brown. “There are many online crochet communities that support each other and cheer each other on. It is a fun thing to be a part of.”

Brown stays connected in a lot of ways. She is the Executive Assistant at the Twilight Theatre and Community Auditorium in Greensburg. Through her job, she get to stay connected to the community by making costumes for the Twilight Players and raffling or auctioning items for their annual gala. Brown also makes and donates things for other charitable organizations. In fact, her love for crocheting started in November of 2014 when her sister-in-law, Sarah Booth, had to go through rigorous chemotherapy on her malignant brain tumors. 

“I wanted to help raise money for her treatment in any way that I could so I decided to do a Christmas craft sale with my mother in law with small crochet items that I taught myself how to make by watching YouTube videos,” said Brown. 

As time went on, Brown was able to continue learning to crochet much more elaborate patterns. This led her to designing, writing, and selling her own crochet patterns. Her love for charity work hasn’t subsided as the years have passed, and she still loves to give help to charitable organizations when she can. 

Brown’s favorite thing to make is community theatre props. This includes anything from full costumes, character hats, and even food like donuts and watermelon. 

Brown is a part of several crocheting Facebook groups, her favorite being Crochet Addict. Brown often posts her creations in this group to get feedback, encouragement, and tips. She often receives thousands of reactions. She made a wedding cake for The Church Basement Ladies, a production by the Twilight Players in June. The picture received over 4,500 reactions and 1,500 comments. 

“I love how much people get excited over what I make and want to help me create things by giving me yarn and hooks,” said Brown. “That type of thing makes me really happy because I know people care about me, and they’re excited to see what I make next.”