New restaurants open in Pratt, another temporarily closed

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Tomi Sushi & Steak co-manager Tom Tan gives ‘thumb up” approval to the Sushi Bar at the new Pratt business which opened July 11 at 1803 East First Street. The location was formerly home to Ninja Sushi Steakhouse.  Another new business in Pratt this year is Los Cabos Fajita House at 1413 East First Street, formerly home to Playa Azul.

Pratt businesses may not yet be booming, but the gloom of COVID-19-mandated shutdown has been starting to take on a glimmer of hope.

“Many established Pratt businesses that that were closed by the mandate are making a comeback and two new businesses have recently opened their doors,” Pratt Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kim DeClue said.

Both of the new businesses are restaurants, putting a fresh face on the established eateries whose premises they now occupy.

Los Cabos Fajita House, featuring Tex-Mex cuisine, under the management of Juan and Fernanda Lopez, opened its doors in late June and celebrated its Chamber-sponsored Grand Opening on July 2. 

Tomi Sushi & Steak, featuring Japanese cuisine, opened its doors on July 11 under the management of Judy Chen and Tom Tan.

Los Cabos is located at 1413 East First Street, formerly home to Playa Azul which shut its doors last year. Tomi Sushi & Steak is located at 1803 East First Street, formerly home to Ninja Sushi Steakhouse, which also closed pre-COVID-19.

Los Cabos has a malt and beverage license and serves a variety of mixed drinks, which are featured on the Los Cabos Facebook site.

Tomi Sushi & Steak also has a Facebook site which features menu items.

“Tomi means wealth or riches,” Judy Chin said. “We try to make our diners feel like royalty as we serve them.”

Another popular Pratt eatery, Famous Servateria at 1123 East lst Street, temporarily closed Friday, July 10, according to manager Ezzie Diaz, who posted an update on Facebook.

“One waitress was negative. The cook did test positive, but no one is at risk. Her symptoms did not start till Monday so they go back two days and track who she has been around. Since we closed on Friday, she has not been around anyone. This is coming from the state!!! Thank God everyone is ok and safe and no one is at risk! Thank you everyone for your support and understanding. We hope to see everyone when we open back up again.”

“Our quarantine time is up July 24,” Diaz said in a phone interview Friday, July 17. ”We’ll probably wait until the end of July or early August to reopen, just to be on the safe side.”

Another popular eatery is on the horizon for Pratt, but a scheduled date for start of construction of the proposed Braum’s Ice Cream and Burger Restaurant at a site east of Casey’s on U.S 54 has not yet been set, according to Amanda Beuchaw, Braum’s publicity director, headquartered in Oklahoma City.

“It’s not on the construction schedule for this year,” Beuchaw said in a phone interview.

Pratt Building Inspector Brad Blankenship told Pratt City Commissioners at their July 6 meeting that he had not   heard any more from the potential Braum’s builders.

“They have purchased the land, but we all have to remember that Casey’s took 15 months from the time they purchased land till the time they started. We just need to be patient, that’s all. It’s a waiting game. They don’t just buy land and sit on it,” he said.

On the Pratt entertainment front, fundraising for the proposed Pratt Four-Plex Cinema Project has been put on hold during the pandemic, according to Bill Keller, one of the directors of the non-profit venture.

“We’re not giving up the project at all,” Keller said.

To date, signed written pledges for the project stand at about $2.6 million of the $3.9 million goal, according to Keller.

Pledges are being accepted, but funds are not being collected until the goal has been met, Keller said.

Detailed information about the Pratt Four-Plex Cinema Project is available on the Cineplex website,, and on Facebook, Pratt Four-Plex Cinema Project.