Dauner brings joy to others with writing

Courtney Blankenship
Pratt Tribune
Krystle Dauner of Sawyer enjoys using her writing talents to make gifts for others or provide lettering services for special occassions.

What started as a fun way for Krystle Dauner to write names on birthday cards quickly grew into an interest for learning calligraphy. Now, Dauner uses her hobby to design a variety of items and projects for those who seek her talents.

Dauner, a resident of Sawyer, has both donated and sold her work in the past, but she recently posted on Facebook to offer her writing at a price, depending on which type of project is requested of her.

In the past, Dauner has done calligraphy for wedding invitations, birthday envelopes, bible verses to be framed, glass jars for food-gifts, glass fish bowls, names and companies on gift bags, name tags for table place-settings, and chalkboards for photo shoots.

“Cursive writing, to me, has always been very pretty, and I wanted to know how to enhance my writing and use it in a more creative way when giving gifts to my friends or family,” Dauner said. “I do not write traditional calligraphy as some may define calligraphy but my writing is nonetheless artistic.”

Dauner said she was inspired to learn calligraphy in 2017 after watching videos on YouTube and seeing different Pinterest designs. 

“Honestly, my handwriting is a God-given gift, passed down from my Grandpa Lothair Dauner on my dad's side, and my Grandma BettyJo Hall on my mom's side,” Dauner said. “They both have beautiful handwriting.”

Dauner said she learned how to write cursive in 3rd grade and has written in cursive ever since, including signing her family Christmas cards as a teenager because her ‘handwriting was pretty.’ 

“I would like to learn how to write on wood, however, I have not found a pen [or] marker I particularly like that writes well. I like to have free movement in my wrist and hand when writing, and writing on wood tends to make my strokes slow, and I lose the fluidity of my letters when I have to write slower,” Dauner said. “That is something I have been learning and trying to get better at, as wood writing is definitely a popular decorating trend.”

For new ideas, Dauner said she has taken photos in places like Hobby Lobby to help her decide on designs to try out next.

“I am a creative person, and calligraphy writing is just another way I get to create. I also am a hairstylist who creates through haircuts and color, as well as someone who enjoys interior decorating and room renovations [and] updating through changing the colors of the walls,” Dauner said. “I have updated by painting two churches in the last six years and have also been updating my 105-year-old house.”

Though Dauner has enjoyed getting more into oil paint pens and chalk pens, she said she likes plain paper and sharpies the most due to the control she has on computer paper or cardstock.

“I typically use fine point Sharpies or ultra fine point Sharpies,” Dauner said. “I like the fine point ones better for a 8 x 11 size paper for writing or the ultra fine point Sharpies for invitations.”

It usually takes Dauner five to ten minutes to write something and then add details to it on paper, depending on the complexity of the project and design.

“Calligraphy writing comes pretty easy to me, so I enjoy using my handwriting to make things personal for people,” Dauner said. “It brings me joy to see their joy when they see their desires of what they want something to look like come to fruition.”