Sheriff Murrow keeps a listening ear open, even in busy times

Fran Brownell
St. John News
Stafford County Sheriff Robert Murrow is running for re-election he has prepared for his whole life and would like to keep.

Incumbent Stafford County Sheriff Robert Murrow, whose Stafford County law enforcement career spans almost a quarter of a century, is seeking reelection to the office he has held for four years after serving as undersheriff.

Murrow is a Republican candidate for Stafford County Sheriff in the August 4 primary election.

“I have always had a great interest in law enforcement,” Sheriff Murrow said. “When I was in my early 30s, I started my full-time law enforcement career.”

From his initial service as a Stafford County road deputy in the late 1990s, Sheriff Murrow advanced to the K9 handler position, working with Sandy, the Stafford County narcotics dog.

Murrow continued as K9 handler after his advancement to undersheriff, a post he held for 10-plus years.

Prior to his law enforcement career, Sheriff Murrow worked with special needs’ adults, which he said has given him an empathy.

Currently, Murrow heads a staff of four deputies and dispatcher.

“As sheriff, I have built strong relationships with local and surrounding law enforcement agencies and I look forward to seeing this continue to grow,” Sheriff Murrow said. “I would also like to see continued increase in the patrol of the county and local cities.”

Sheriff Murrow has made his home in Stafford County since in 1987, when he moved to Macksville from Alva, OK.

“I have gotten to know the geographic area quite well and I have built a strong working relationship with the public,” Sheriff Murrow said.

Sheriff Murrow also said he takes pride that, during his tenure in office, he has increased the Sheriff’s Office patrol staff from four to five without increasing the budget.

“I was also able to start a reserve fund that has increased to $180,000 of tax-saved dollars,” Sheriff Murrow said. “That had never been done prior to my first term as sheriff.”

If re-elected, Sheriff Murrow said one of his goals is to continue to increase patrols, both in the county and in the communities served.

“I will work to continue building strong working relationships with local and with surrounding law enforcement agencies and with the citizens we serve,” Sheriff Murrow said. “I will also seek to continue building up the reserve fund.”

Sheriff Murrow said he has been supported throughout his law enforcement career by his wife Linda, who manages the St. John skating rink.

“I married Linda in 2012 and together we have six children and nine grandchildren with two on the way,” Sheriff Murrow said. “We raised our family in Stafford County, which we are proud to call home.”

Sheriff Murrow said that while providing protection to Stafford County residents he keeps a listening ear open.

“I am open to suggestions that could improve our relationships with the county and the local citizens and I will do my very best to protect and serve the citizens of Stafford County and uphold the laws of the State of Kansas,” Sheriff Murrow said.