Schmidt augments career pathways with additional job title

Kahrie Stegman
Pratt Tribune
David Schmidt adds Coordinator of Career and Technical Education at PCC to his job titles, as he continues to serve as USD 382 Assistant Superintendent.

A new position at PCC  filled by Pratt USD 382’s Assistant Superintendent, David Schmidt, will help students in the area to better prepare for technical careers while they are in high school. Schmidt is now the Coordinator of Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Pratt Community College, but the new position will allow him to continue his role as the Assistant Superintendent at USD 382.

“The Coordinator of CTE position represents a continued partnership between Pratt Community College and the K-12 Education,” Schmidt said. 

Schmidt has worked as a High School Principal, an Assistant Superintendent with experiences in Career and Technical Programs, and a military recruiter for over 10 years. These are all experiences that will be beneficial to him as he begins this new position. 

Schmidt will be working closely with the united school districts in the area. 

“This new position will allow Pratt Community College to provide a liaison with every high school in our service area with the expressed intent of developing clear and coordinated pathways between the high school curriculum and eligible academic and technical programs,” Schmidt said, “and will connect Pratt Community College to our USD partners providing an avenue for every USD in our service area to meet the KSDE Outcomes for Post-Secondary Success.” 

Schmidt and other PCC staff believe they can assist USD partners by expanding opportunities for 5-year student success and 5-year effectiveness goals set by the Kansas State Board of Education. 

The 5-year student success is defined by if a student earns an Industry Recognized Certification while in High School, a Postsecondary Certificate, a Postsecondary Degree, or enrolls in Postsecondary in both the first and second year following High School graduation.

“We believe that every student can graduate high school with a career ready certificate,” Schmidt said. “We want to assist our partners in this endeavor.”

Effectiveness goals are measured by graduation rate and success rate. 

“Community is our middle name and we strive to build a strong bond with our communities through the creation of clear pathways to student success.” 

Schmidt’s new position will help connect PCC with the communities around it.

“I look forward to working with all of our partners as we endeavor to provide strong career and technical opportunities for all students,” Schmidt said.