Poultry show has several winners at Pratt County Fair

Kahrie Stegman
Pratt Tribune
Madilynn Creadick was a champion in poultry at the Pratt County Fair this year.

A few 4-Hers showed off their chickens, ducks, and other birds this year at the Pratt county fair this year. 

Miley O’Moore was Rooster Champion and Best of Show Rooster; Riley Washington was Poultry Grand Champion; and Keegyn Washington was Poultry Reserve Grand Champion.

Madilynn Creadick of the Pratt Pioneers 4-H club was a Champion in the project with her chickens named Sally, Nora, and Stormy. 

This was Creadick’s first year in 4-H, as her and her family moved from California just one year ago. Madilynn’s mom, Jessica Creadick, grew up on a farm near Kingman. 

When asked if she missed California, Madilynn said, ‘A little bit,’ but she likes it in Kansas.

Creadick’s favorite thing about chickens is that they’re so cute. It’s a good thing she likes them, because she has 130 chickens at home. 

Creadick only brought three of her 130 to the fair, so she had to spend time looking for the best ones. 

“I looked for the ones who didn’t pick at themselves and who didn’t get bit by anything,” Creadick said. 

She is very dedicated to her animals, and even woke up in the middle of the night to tend to her chickens. 

Along with the poultry project, Creadick is in the horse and rabbit projects.