Kiowa County Fair begins with modified layout for 4-Hers

Hannah Brown/Kiowa County Signal
Pratt Tribune
Judge Jan St. Clair talks with Ellery McMurry about her project at the 2020 Kiowa County Fair.

The Kiowa County Fair continued on Monday, July 20 with inside exhibits being submitted. Usually the building exhibits are checked in early in the week and are available for viewing by the public throughout the fair, but this year was different. Because of COVID-19, the building was closed, so after judging Monday afternoon, exhibitors were able to take their projects home. Even though things looked out of the norm this year, young 4-Her’s brought some impressive things to show off to the judges, and they were glad to be able to participate in the fair after some other counties canceled their fairs completely. 

“The other 4-H’ers and I work extremely hard all year round to prepare for the fair every July. It’s an important opportunity for us to show others what we have learned and to get advice from our judges about how to improve for the next fair,” said Ellery McMurry, Kiowa County 4-Her. 

Brandon Brown received a grand champion ribbon for the Southwestern Royals club historian book. Carsen Charlton received three red ribbons, a blue ribbon, and a reserve grand champion ribbon for her photography as well as two blues in visual arts. Cierra Curtis was awarded a blue ribbon and a reserve grand champion ribbon in fiber arts, two blue ribbons in visual arts, and a blue in foods. Hannah Greenleaf won a red ribbon and two blues for her food projects. Sayre Hassiepen was awarded a grand champion and state fair blue in fiber arts, a blue in foods, and four blues and a red in visual arts. Addisyn Heinson received two red ribbons, two blue ribbons, and a reserve grand champion and state fair blue in photography. Addison Higbie received a reserve champion ribbon in fiber arts, a blue and reserve champion ribbon for her foods projects, and a state fair blue in visual arts. Larston Higbie entered two foods projects and received blue ribbons for both of them, along with a blue ribbon for a visual arts project. Adele Janssen won the overall trophy for the foods division, along with a state fair blue and grand champion. She also received a grand champion, state fair blue, four blues, and a red for her photography shots. Charlee Jantz received a red for her foods project and two red ribbons and a blue ribbon in photography. Bodie McDonald took in three visual arts projects and received one red and two blues, and a blue for his foods project. Bodie’s older brother Boone took the grand champion award for visual arts. Ellery McMurry, an older 4-Her, had a lot of success through several projects. She received a blue, reserve champion, and grand champion for foods. She created a 4-H leadership display that received a grand champion ribbon. In fiber arts and photography Ellery was awarded the trophy for overall best. In visual arts she received the top honor of grand champion. She also received seven blue ribbons and two red ribbons in photography. Ashton Reh received two blue ribbons for her visual arts projects and a reserve champion for her Southwestern Royals notebook. Audrey Reh received five blue ribbons for her pictures as well as two red ribbons. She also received a blue ribbon in foods and a blue ribbon in visual arts. Kyler Sheldon created a beekeeping project for the self-determined category and received a grand champion ribbon for his work. Halle Young submitted two pictures that both received blue ribbons and a food project that received a red. Riley young took home a blue ribbon in foods and a blue ribbon in visual arts. 

Even though community members weren’t able to see the hard work put in by building exhibitors this year, the hard work of 4-Hers was recognized by the judges.