Kobach attends Greensburg forum

By Danedri Herbert for Kris Kobach
Former Kansas Secretary of State and candidate for U.S. Senate Kris Kobach visited the world's largest hand-dug well with his daughter Charlie on Tuesday. He is a candidate for U.S. Senate and was in town for a Kiowa County GOP candidate forum that evening. The primary election was Aug. 4.

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach visited the world's largest hand-dug well in Greensburg with his daughter, Charlie, before attending a Kiowa County Republican Forum at the Twilight Theater on July 26. 

He said he viewed the forum as a job interview.

"I'm here to interview for the job of U.S. Senator," he told a crowd of about 45 people gathered at the Twilight Theater. 

"I will add value for you in the U.S. Senate in three ways that others cannot. First, I will be the President's point man on immigration. Right now, there is no one in that role. You know I've been advising the President on immigration for the past three-and-half years, and the President and I continue to discuss immigration regularly. For too long, Republicans in Congress have played defense on this issue. I will play offense in the Senate. Second, as a former Constitutional law professor for more than 15 years, I will protect the right to life and the Second Amendment by vetting judicial nominees to ensure constitutionalist judges -- not activist judges -- are given lifetime appointments to the federal bench. And third, I will join the very small number of Senators who are serious about cutting federal spending."