Every vote matters in 2020 Kiowa County primary elections

Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune
Voters of all ages marked their opinions at Kiowa County polling stations on Aug. 4 in the primary election.

Bertrand Lowery and David White have won county commission seats in the 2020 Kiowa County primary election. Lowery ran unopposed in the 2nd District race and received 240 votes. In the 3rd District race, White won in a close race with 120 votes over Brent Ralstin with 109 votes and John Unruh with 27 votes. 

In the race for Kiowa County Sheriff, Kendal Lothman won with 516 votes over incumbent Sheriff Chris Tedder who got 267 votes. 

The total number of ballots cast In Kiowa County were 863 from a pool of 1,375 registered voters giving the county a 62 percent voter turnout for the primary. Results are unofficial until the county commissioners canvass the ballots in the near future. 

By the numbers, the results of the primary election in Kiowa County, held Tuesday, August 4, 2020 were:

• County Commissioner 2nd District

Bertrand Lowery-R 240

• County Commissioner 3rd District 

David White-R 120

Brent Ralstin-R 109

John Unruh-R 27


Brent Ralstin 1

David White 1

• County Clerk 

Kristi Cooper-R 674


Kristi Cooper 2

Corla Clark 1

• County Treasurer

Brenda Osbone-R 688


Brenda Osbone 1

• County Register of Deeds

Karen Butler-R 672


Karen Butler 1

• County Attorney

Chay Howard-R 647


Chay Howard 2

Charles Herd 1

• County Sheriff

Kendal Lothman-R 516

Chris Tedder-R 267


Kendal Lothman 10

Chris Tedder 2

M.T. Liggett 1

In state wide results for United States Senator, Roger Marshall won the Republican race with 158,486 votes (40 percent) over Kris Kobach with 103,266 votes (26 percent), Bob Hamilton with 74,031 votes (19 percent) and David Lindstrom with 25,487 votes (6 percent). All other Republican candidates had 1 or 2 percent. 

Marshall will face Democrat Barbara Bollier who won with 152,889 (86 percent) over Robert Tillman with 25,656 votes (14 percent).  

In the Republican race for Kansas Senate 33 District, Alicia (Schartz) Straub won with 9,257 votes (60 percent) over incumbent Mary Jo Taylor with 6,218 votes (40 percent). 

In the Republican race for Kansas House of Representatives 117th District, Republican incumbent Leonard Mastroni was running unopposed. Vote totals for unopposed candidates are not posted on the Kansas Secretary of State web site. 

• United States Senate

Roger Marshall-R 352

Kris Kobach-R 179

Bob Hamilton-R 108

David Lindstrom-R 95

Brian Matlock-R 11

Steve Roberts-R 8

Lance Berland-R 8

John Miller-R 2

Gabriel Robles-R 1

John Berman-R 1

Derek Ellis-R 0

Barbara Bollier-D 39

Robert Tillman-D 12

• United States House 4th District

Ron Estes-R 633

Laura Lombard-D 45

• State Senate 33rd District

Mary Jo Taylor-R 410

Alcia Straub-R 342

• State Rep. 117th District

Leonard Mastroni-R 565

Dennis McKinney (write-in) 1

Precinct Committeeman Center 1


J.C. Underwood 3

Receiving 1 vote each: Chad Pore, Jason West, Jeff Blackburn, Justin Minyard, Devin Bundy, Theron McKinney, Cody Hayes, Kim Gamble, Robert Koehn, Marilyn Brown, Jessie Jones, Tim Morton, Grant Neuhold

Precinct Committeewoman Center 1

Receiving 3 votes Terri Butler, Corla Clark, Sue Greenleaf

Receiving 1 vote Morgan Allison, Christy Pyatt, Nikki Powell, Kim Gamble, Carolyn Irvin, Mary Racette, Susan West, Felicia Mynard, Andrea Taylor, Lorene Conklin, Lana Bundy.

Jean McKinney-D 1

• Precinct Committeeman Center 2


Chad Pore 1

• Precinct Committeewoman Center 2


Rosa Spainhour 1

Sue Greenleaf 1

• Precinct Committeeman Haviland


Receiving 3 votes Oscar Ebert, Trent Jacks.

Receiving 2 votes Darry Clark, Brad Lingafelter, Glen Leppert.

Receiving 1 vote Laura Gwin, Robin Rose, Shawn Retallack, Bryce Kendall, Brian Whitney, Joe Blair, C.D. Fitch, Don McFarland, Derek Brown, Terri McAfee, Matt Ballard, Bob Gwin, Robert Ellis, David Lindstrom, Ryan Haase, Don Stewart, Mark Clodfelter.

• Precinct Committeewoman Haviland

Corla Clark 231

Juanita Monroe 1

Rachelle barber 1

Laura Gwin 1

• Belvidere committeeman

No ballots cast

• Belvidere Committeewoman

Amber Robbins 2

• Mullinville Committeeman

J.C. Underwood-R 95


Ron Freeman 2

Receiving 1 vote Thomas Cooper, John Rose, David White, Rich Sherer, Boyd McFadden.

• Mullinville Committeewoman

Doris Jo Underwood-R 98

Nina Liggett-D 15


Receiving 1 vote Jarold Boehme, Nina Liggett, Cathy Sherer, Susan Clayton, June McFadden, Tammi Alexander.

• District Court Judge 16th District, 2nd Division

Lori Jensen-D 29

Andrew Stein-D 27


Receiving 1 write-in vote were Marilyn Brown, John Bertram, Shawn Cannon, Keith Dauber, Judge Thomas, Bill Dunbar, Chay Howard, Glenn Kirbs, Brad Lingafelter, Kris Kobach, Don Stewart, Gina Friesen, Scott Brown, Happiness. 

Receiving 2 write-in votes Ronald Shank, Ann Dixson. 

• District Court Judge 16th District, 3rd Division

Laura Lewis-R 527

• District Magistrate Judge 16th District, 4th Division

Richard McVey-R 655