More than 200 roofs replaced, more than 100 to go in Pratt

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Mainstream Roofing specialists replace a hail-damaged roof on Parkway in Pratt, one of more than 225 jobs the business has worked on so far since the September 2019 storm.

Since last September 2019 when a major hailstorm cut a swatch through Pratt and pummeled the roofs of more than 400 Pratt area residences and businesses, Mainstream Roofing crews have completed more than 225 replacement roof jobs.

“We’ve still got at least another hundred to go,” said Mainstream owner Ricardo Olivas.

Flashback to the turn of the 21st Century when Ricardo Olivas was in his teens, working alongside his dad, Esteban Olivas, learning the roofing trade while completing high school at Skyline, to graduate with the Class of 2002.

Now, it’s Estaban who’s working alongside Ricardo, the owner and founder of Mainstream Roofing, headquartered at 1100 South Main Street in the old Santa Fe Railroad Train Depot.

Ricardo founded Mainstream Roofing nine years ago, following on the heels of two tours of Navy service aboard the USS Enterprise CVN65 during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, from 2002 to 2007.

“I learned a lot from my dad,” Ricardo said. “He taught me not only about roofing, but also about treating people right. I trust him now to do inspections that assure my crews meet Mainstream Roofing’s high standards.”

For Pratt, 2002 was a banner year for hailstorm, according to Ricardo.

“That was the worse one in my memory,” Ricardo said. “There’s been nothing like it since. That one really hit the entire town. This one was spotty. It was worse out by Pratt Lake.”

When hail storms happen, homeowners should have their roofs inspected for damage and file an insurance claim if the roof has damage, Ricardo said.

Once a claim has been approved, the next step for homeowners is to choose the roofing material and color from samples provided. Mainstream Roofing also replaces gutters if approved by insurance or requested by homeowners as an insurance deductible addon.

As part of the reroofing process, Ricardo said Mainstream staff completes the permit process with the City of Pratt.

“We contact the homeowner or business in advance to let them know when a date has been scheduled for their work,” Ricardo said. “We like to do the roof first, then come back in a couple of weeks to do the guttering, if that’s part of the project.”

When the job begins, the first task for the roofing crew is to tear off all the existing roofing material, install new roofing underlay and complete the job with roofing shingles or tiles selected by the client.

Usually, a crew of about five is able to complete a roofing project in one day.

“This year, we’ve been at the mercy of the heat,” Ricardo said. “The temperature has slowed us down quite a bit and a larger roof will take longer.”

If guttering is part of the plan, a specialized guttering crew will complete that phase a week or so following the roofing. If guttering is not being replaced, the crew will clean out existing gutters.

A last step in the process is for the crew members to do a magnetic scan of the ground around the home or business to pick up any stray nails.

“Our goal is once we’re done, there will be no signs we were here,” Ricardo said.