Grants and matching funds utilized to finish Iowa Avenue Trail in Pratt

By DeWayne Bryan
Pratt Tribune
The Iowa Avenue Trail provides new walking territory for exercise enthusiasts and for students at Southwest Elementary.

The Pratt Health Foundation and Pratt Health Coalition have worked to expand the trails and sidewalks in the Pratt parks and public areas. Over $45,000 of new trails have been built in the Pratt in the last five years. The most recent trail project, the Iowa Avenue Trail, was designed in two stages.

The Iowa Avenue Trail – Phase II will add 1,275 feet of walking trail and is designed to minimize the necessity of crossing busy streets, maximize access for school aged children and expand the trail system for people of all ages. 

The trail includes a ¾ of-a-mile walking loop around Southwest Elementary School and completes the trail along Iowa Avenue from 3 rd Street to 5 th Street. 

The cost of the Iowa Avenue Trail – Phase II project will be covered by a successful $20,000 KDWPT Recreational Trail grant and matching funds provided by the Pratt Rotary Club, the City of Pratt and the Pratt Health Foundation provided the resources to complete the project. At the junction of the Iowa Avenue Phase I and Phase II trails, signage will be installed to recognize the organizations who supported the Trail’s development. 

Construction of the trail is scheduled for the Fall of 2020.

The project provides an opportunity to develop a physical education walking program for Southwest Elementary kids which is a pandemic alternative. It will also help them understand the importance of active lifestyles and reduce childhood obesity in Pratt. The KSU Extension office is also interested in providing an after-school walking program for the students.

The Iowa Avenue Trail - Phase I project was completed in November, 2019 it runs from the corner of West 8 th Street and Iowa Avenue, north 650 feet adjacent to Iowa Avenue. Phase I project received grant funding from a KSU Healthy Hometown grant, the Pratt Rotary, the Pratt Health Foundation and the City of Pratt. Phase I construction costs were $14,000.

Both Phases will include a 5-foot wide, handicap accessible, cement, serpentine trail for non- vehicle use. This walking trail located near a subdivision of Pratt where sidewalks and trails were not included in the original housing development plan. Consequently, it provides a walking trail for people of all ages.