Homeschooling is a viable option

Madalynn Wilson
Pratt Tribune
Homeschooling is a viable education some parents are considering as public school start dates get nearer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way public schools will be opening this fall, some parents are considering homeschooling for the first time. And if they’ve never homeschooled or even thought about it before now, it can be a pretty daunting task.

Kathy Schmidt, a seasoned homeschool parent in Pratt, has been homeschooling her own children for many years now and encourages others to do the same. It’s a viable option for those with anxiety about the current world health situation.

“I can’t imagine not spending that time with my kids and seeing their eyes light up when they finally get the answer,” Schmidt said, “I strongly believe we are called to ‘train up a child in the way he should go’.”

After her eldest daughter went to public school for kindergarten and 1st grade, Schmidt decided to make the switch. She homeschooled her oldest two children who are now 27 and 29 years old, and now continues her tradition with her youngest two who are 11 and 13. She began homeschooling her children because she wanted them to have a Christian based education. 

“I talked to the superintendent of our school and told him, ‘It is not so much what you are teaching, but what you can’t teach and I want to give them a Christian education’.” 

Schmidt said the hardest part is getting started and knowing what curriculum you should choose as there are so many options. She went with Abeka, a biblically-based curriculum that provides textbooks and teaching aids for preschool through grade 12. 

She had no prior teaching experience before this but says she has learned more teaching her children than she ever did in school.

“There are so many resources out there, anyone can do it. Do not let fear keep you from doing the most important thing you can do for your kids.”