High speed chase goes through Pratt

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
A high speed chase involving a black Charger and multiple law enforcement agencies came into Pratt County late Saturday night, and continued through city limits despite deployment of stop sticks. A suspect was finally arrested in Kiowa County.

Pratt County 911 Dispatch was alerted to a high-speed chase coming out of Reno County on August 15, 2020 at around 11 p.m. and the Pratt County Sheriff’s Department quickly became involved.

“911 was advised the vehicle was a black Dodge Charger and Kansas Highway Patrol Officers had recently backed away from the vehicle and lost contact.” said Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White. “We were notified of the incident, along with Pratt Police officers and joined the attempt to stop the suspect.”

At around 11:26 p.m. a Pratt County Sheriff’s Deputy made visual contact with the suspect and attempted to stop the Black Charger. The vehicle did not stop and pursuit began on K-61 Highway southbound into Pratt.

White said that Pratt Police Officers were able to deploy stop sticks causing damage to one of the vehicles tires as the vehicle neared Pratt city limits.  The chase continued into Pratt until the vehicle left Pratt on County Club Road.

The vehicle then turned onto Lake Road and continued westbound in the direction of U.S. 281 Highway where a Kansas Highway Patrol Officer was able to deploy stop sticks damaging more tires.  The vehicle entered the city limits again driving north on U.S. 281 Highway and turned west on U.S. 54 Highway.  

By this time multiple law enforcement officers were involved in the pursuit as it continued into Kiowa County, where the pursuit was brought to an end and the subject was taken into custody in Haviland.  

The offending Charger was heavily damaged during the pursuit, and even on fire at one point causing Cullison Fire Fighters and EMS to be paged.  

“This was another example of law enforcement and other first responders working together in Pratt, ending a dangerous incident,” White said.   

The incident remains under investigation by multiple agencies.