Skyline prepares for on-site learning goals

Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune
Skyline Thunderbirds return to class next week.

Giving every student who wants on-site leaning every day of the week is the goal of USD 438 Skyline.

Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers said the district doesn't want to do a forced hybrid where students take some classes on-site and some classes by remote learning. They are working hard to make the facility safe so students can come to school every day. 

"We have developed a pretty good plan to give us the best shot at that," Flowers said. 

As the year plays out, the school will have to make adjustments. As the situation changes, the number of students allowed in a classroom may vary but the district is ready to adjust. 

The district will follow Executive Order 2059 for mask usage. They will be flexible to meet the needs of the students. Needs will vary across age groups and the district will take into account students with special needs. 

Any place where social distancing is an issue, masks will be especially important. If there is a situation where masks can't be worn, plexiglass and face shields will be used. 

"I can assure people we are going to take good care of their our kids," Flowers said. "We will make sure the individual needs of our kids are met." 

To help reduce the number of students in one location, students will be required to immediately enter the building and go to their classroom. Arrivals will be scheduled to keep the number at a minimum. The staggered arrival will start at 7:30 a.m. with arrivals at five minute intervals and will be staged by families. 

The district is finalizing a plan to make sure that every student, faculty, staff and administrator will be screened before they come into the building. The district is probably going to ask parents help with this process and test their children before they come to school. 

The district has until Sept. 2 to finalize the arrival schedule. Anyone with questions about the plan can contact the school. 

While the district deals with preparing for a school year during COVID-19, they also have to deal with some facilities issues. The roof on the 52-year-old facility has some issues with clogged drains. During intense rain storms, the drain system is not working correctly and water is getting into the building. 

Water is evident in the high school wing when there is a heavy rain. 

The roof over the basketball court needs some attention but that will be put on hold until the district can research how much they can use from the capital outlay budget. 

"We have identified the problem, we just need to get it fixed now," Flowers said.

Flowers met with roofers last week to get a better idea what needs to be done and develop a plan to fix the problem. 

The Board has adopted a budget for the 2020-2021 school year. General budget is $3.6 million and supplemental is $1.1 million. However, these numbers will change based on the official student count on Sept. 20, Flowers said.  

Valuation has dropped a little but the Board has left the mil levy rate the same with no increase or decrease.