Quick response stops out-of-state speeder in Pratt County

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt County law enforcement officers stopped a high speed chase that came out of Kingman before it reached city limits late Monday night.

It looked like another high-speed chase might rip through Pratt County late Monday night as a suspicious vehicle drew the attention of Kingman County officers. At speeds of 120 mph pursuit became dangerous and quick response on the part of Pratt County dispatch put action into motion that resulted in a successful stop made just miles before Pratt city limits.

"On August 24, 2020 at around 11:30 p.m. Pratt County 911 was notified of a vehicle pursuit in Kingman County, Kansas," said Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White. "Dispatch was told Kingman officers were in pursuit of a dark colored vehicle traveling west towards Pratt County."

White said he sent Pratt County Sheriff’s deputies to U.S. 54 Highway and called out additional officers to intercept the fleeing vehicle that was clocked at speeds over 120 mph.

"At the same time we also had Pratt Police Officers dispatched to prepare spike strips near the city limits," White said. "In only a few minutes after getting the call all Pratt County and city units were on the same channel, and in place."

The vehicle, later identified as a Dodge Charger, was stopped about five miles east of Pratt after two of the vehicle's tires were damaged by deployed spike strips.

White said the driver of the car immediately jumped out and ran on foot, but only made it short distance before being captured by officers. The other two people in the car were detained without incident.

According to an official report from the incident, the occupants and vehicle were taken back to Kingman County for investigation. No charges are expected in Pratt County, and the identities of the people involved in the chase are not known by the Pratt County Sheriff's Department.

This was the third high-speed chase to enter the county in the month of August.