Gimpel and Fin out and about as Pratt's new K-9 officer team

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Pratt Police Officer Danny Gimpel and Fin, Pratt PD’s Drug Dog, are a new team. Gimpel and Fin will be deployed on drug-search missions starting next month after certifications are complete. Both Gimpel and Fin wear badges identifying them as officers—Gimpel’s on his shirt and Fin’s on his collar.  Gimpel will also serve as USD 382 Resource Officer when school resumes this week, and Fin will be right there at his side.

There’s a new driver behind the wheel of the Pratt Police Department’s K-9 Unit and a new partner for Fin, the three-year-old black Dutch Shepherd who wears his badge on his collar.

Officer Danny Gimpel applied for the position as Fin’s handler when it became available in April and got the assignment from Pratt Police Chief Nate Humble in May.

“It’s something I really wanted to do,” said Gimpel, who joined the Pratt PD in 2011, making a career switch from his previous grain-elevator and oilfield work.

“I think Danny will be a great asset to this community,” Police Chief Humble said. “The K-9 Officer position with the Pratt Police Department is a very community-involved position and there is no better officer for the job than Office Gimpel.”

  Humble commended Gimpel for the research and passion that Gimpel has put into the K-9 program.

  “That alone tells me he was the right officer for the job from the beginning,” Humble said.

Gimpel and Fin (his name shortened to Fin from Fenrir) are 24-hour round-the-clock partners.

The officer said Fin is already integrated as a family member.

  Although Fin and Gimpel are already bonded and eager for duty, they won’t be taking on drug search-and-seizure assignments until the pair completes certification training in September.

In addition to his K-9 assignment, Gimpel has also been selected to serve as the USD 382 Resource Officer when school resumes and he said Fin will be there right at his side.