Pratt County herbalist offers natural remedies for coronavirus-releated defense

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Cottonwood Creek Herbals owner Melodie Barton sells natural products that help combat effects of coronarivus in Pratt at N’Cahoots Coffee & Shoppe at 210 South Main and also through her website

Melodie Barton, founder and owner of  Cottonwood Creek Herbals has an array of herb-based remedies in her arsenal of defenses against coronavirus and other maladies.

The 47-year-old herbalist, who has been based out of rural Sawyer for five years, has a line of  five “Defender” products.

“During these challenging times with the COVID-19 virus, we are trying to do our part by offering a line of unique, fairly-priced products to help you and your family to stay safe,” Barton said.

Barton has educational credentials to certify her belief that most ailments can be successfully treated with herbs and she also has a heritage of descending from a long line of Appalachian plant people.

“I’ve always had a bent toward plants, about how they work in the body,” said Barton who is a graduate of Rosemary Gladstar’s Science and Art of Herbalism Program and holds status as a Master Herbalist graduate of Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing in Springville, UT.

Barton is also a Certified Iridologist from the International Institute of Iridology, which pertains in alternative medicine to diagnosis by examination of the iris of the eye.

The Defender series of products are all based around the therapeutic grade of essential oil blend developed, as legend would have it, as a protective measure by four thieves back in the 15th century, Barton said.

“They supposedly came up with a potion of herbs to keep them healthy while they robbed graves to get money and jewelry from the deceased. When they got caught, they negotiated their sentence by giving up their recipe to the police,” Barton said.

In addition to fighting germs, Barton said, the Defender products helps to build the immune system.

The five products in the Defender Series are hand sanitizer, hand soap, body wash, hand lotion and cleaning spray, ranging in price from $9.99 to $27.99, with discounts offered for purchase of three of the same products.

“The smell is sweet and spicy, like cinnamon and clove, along with a splash of citrus and herb. It is delightful!,” Barton said.

Cottonwood Creek Herbals product line also includes cbd oil, Barton said.

In Pratt, Cottonwood Creek products are available at N’Cahoots Coffee & Shoppe at 210 South Main.

“We are pleased to be ‘N’Cahoots ‘ with Cottonwood Creek Herbals,” said N’Cahoots owner-manager George Nusz. “We pride ourselves on having quality products to offer to our growing regional market and Barton was one of our very first vendors.”

Cottonwood Creek Herbals are also available at Cathy's Closet and online at the company website: and on Facebook and through Instagram.