Leslie will not seek re-election for city commission seat

Fran Brownell
Pratt firefighter and Shelter Insurance agent Jason Leslie has decided not to seek another term as a Pratt City Commissioner in the coming election.

Pratt City Commissioner Jason Leslie said Monday that he will not be seeking reelection for a second three-year term, basing his decision on time constraints that he feels would not allow him to devote needed time to city affairs.

"I've enjoyed being a voice for the community these past three years,"

Leslie said. "I'm proud of the good things that we've gotten moving forward."

What has motivated him as city commissioner has been citizens reaching out to him about issues concerning them.

"It's been gratifying to be a voice for people who don't think they're being heard," Leslie said.

Leslie said the water line to the airport that will bring potable water to the city's northern environs is one of the projects he was pleased to endorse.

"I'm also proud of the new solar farm that didn't cost the city anything and I'm pleased that the city is researching plans for a new swimming pool," Leslie said.

Getting through the tough challenges of COVID-19 has given Leslie encouragement for Pratt's future.

"I see a bright future for Pratt if we keep moving forward and not hold back," Leslie said. "It's also helpful to have commissioners with different points of view-that's what makes a good commission."

Leslie is the Shelter Insurance Agent for the Pratt area and is also active as Pratt Volunteer Fire Fighter and serves as Pratt area coordinator with Toys for Tots.

Along with Leslie, Pratt City Commissioner Doug Meyer, who also served a term as mayor, will be vacating his seat at the end of the year after completing six years of service, based on term limits for the position.

Retired Chamber of Commerce Director Jeannette Siemens and Pratt High School teacher  Kyle Farmer are running for city commission seats in the upcoming November 3 election. Both have been in regular attendance at city commission meetings for the past few months.