Hot & Cold Big Truck Show brings business to Pratt

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Fireworks explode behind lines of big trucks at the 2020 Hot & Cold Big Truck Show in Pratt. More than 88 big rigs came to town on Saturday, October 3 and parked at Southwest Truck Parts property on the northeast side to take in laser shows, live music and big fireworks displays.

Eighty-eight big trucks (and their drivers) made a special appearance in Pratt on Saturday, October 3, all part of Southwest Trucks Parts fourth annual Big Truck Show.

“Any time we have an event like this, the auxiliary amenities in the community feel a positive impact,” said Pratt City Manager Bruce Pinkall. “Our hotels, restaurants, shops downtown, all benefited as this brought quite a few people into town.”

As for Dale Withers, Southwest Truck Parts owner and sponsor of the annual Hot & Cold Big Truck Show, he said he does it because he just likes 

to get together with all of his friends in the trucking industry and have a good time.

The trucker traveling from the longest distance made the trip from Fairbanks, Alaska to take part in the Pratt event.

“They come from all over because, well, we just all know each other,” Withers said. “We’ve been here for 60 years working on big trucks and we like to get together to do things like this.”

Semi-trucks and trailers that were brand new, or shined up to sparkle like new, and old classics, as well as many in-between shapes, styles and sizes took part in the truck parade that made a large rectangle around the town of Pratt starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday. It took several hours for all the trucks to parade through, much to the delight of big-truck lovers who lined downtown Main Street to make honk-arm signals at the drivers.

At dusk of the same day, the Big Truck Show featured a laser-light show with live band music, followed by a spectacular fireworks display, visible for miles around.

“Any time Dale throws a party, he does it in a big way,” said Pinkall. “He has a great ability to put together a fireworks show. It was very entertaining for the whole county.”

Withers said that since all activities with the Big Truck Show were held outside, he did not think coronavirus concerns made any impact on the annual events. He said plans were already in the works to do it again next year.