Quality Well Service fights hard to stay above the oil bust

Brynn Jellison
Pratt Tribune
A bright yellow sign denotes the location of Quality Well Service’s main office north of Pratt on U.S. 281 Highway.

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The owners and employees at Pratt’s Quality Well Service (QWS) have fought hard to stay viable through oil industry fluctuations of 2020.

“It did slow us for a couple of weeks, but no major slow-down. We pushed through it and basically stayed steady through it, and still are,” said Tracie Brady, co-owner of Quality Well Service.

During the oilfield bust earlier this year, the Brady owners did what they could to keep their business afloat, a business that the owners have dedicated their working lives to. In order to do this, they took out a “Payroll Protection” loan from the government. They also limited their employees to working only 40 hours per week compared to the 50-60-hour normal work week. This helped significantly to keep the business out of ecomomic peril.

After a few weeks of shortened hours, QWS was able to push through and come out positively. Employees were glad to be back to their normal paychecks, and everyone was happy to regain normalcy—a rare thing in the oilfield business.

In 1996, David Brady along with four of his friends, decided they no longer wanted to work for, as David calls it, “the Man”. Thus, they began Quality Well Service. 

As time went on, one owner passed away, and David and his wife, Tracie, bought out the other two partners.

When asked why he decided to begin his own business, and when creating QWS, Brady saidhis main goal was to “make money.”

Now, 24 long years later, David and Tracie Brady are the full owners of QWS.

 “My favorite part is…the fact that it’s laid back…we kind of all just do our own thing,” said Tracie. 

Corey McGuire, the Wireline Supervisor at QWS, was also asked the same question.

“They treat me like family. It’s very laid back,” he said.

As owners, the Bradys said  they had plans to expand QWS in the near future. They are currently beginning the acid side of things.

Quality Well Service is located just three miles North of Pratt, with a distinct yellow sign out front. Their brand of yellow and blue is notable on their trucks as they  drive on the local highways going from job to job.

Brady said Quality Well Service is always taking applications and is always looking for the right people to fit into the Quality Well family. Job applications may be picked up at the main office, located at 30060 N Hwy 281.