Quick response contains grass fire east of Pratt

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt County's Township 12 Fire Department responded quickly to a grassfire east on U.S. Highway 54/400 last Thursday, and along with crews from Isabel, Cunningham, Preston and Reno County quickly extinguished burning grass. Several acres of grassland were burned in the incident.

Fire department crews responded quickly to a grassfire at milemarker 152 east of Pratt on Thursday, October 1 in the afternoon. A spark from highway traffic ignited grass and gusty winds turned it into a fast-moving inferno. 

Cunningham, Pratt Township 12, Preston and Isabel firefighters joined in the successful fight to contain it, but not before several acres of grass and pasture burned.

Local farmers working a field nearby were quick to call in the fire and responded with shovels to stamp out the blaze along the highway but winds carried it through the ditch and into pastureland south of the highway. 

There was some concern about gas lines in the area but that danger did not materialize thanks to quick work of responding firefighters.