Drive to Thrive ends with successful collection of food for Pratt County Food Bank

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Darrian Cox (seated), Erin Jackson (back), Grant Younie (front) and Sierra Dunlap (right) take a small break from counting donated food items for their StuCo Drive to Tthrive fundraiser.

Pratt High School Student Council members counted up more than 5,226 items of food that was donated in the past two weeks to their sponsored community Drive to Thrive. 

“Drive to Thrive finished strong," said Erin Jackson, StuCo officer.  “In the final week of the drive, we more than tripled our number of previous donations.  I am very proud of the students and the community for making this year’s food drive a success.”

The Pratt Community Food Bank received the donations from the drive on Monday. A traveling trophy for the business with the highest count for the Drive to Thrive will be presented to Doug Reh Chevrolet in the near future for their top contribution of 623 items. 

Businesses in Pratt contributed a total of 1882 items.

Schools participating in the drive included all three USD382 schools: Southwest Elementary, Liberty Middle School and Pratt High School, as well as Skyline Schools and Pratt Community College. 

Skyline will receive the travelling trophy for the school with the highest count by achieving a count of 1,688 items. The total for all schools participating was 3,344.

Many businesses turned in their food item counts to be counted as a part of the Drive to Thrive. Student Council members were responsible for helping to collect, sort, and count the items. Monetary donations were also received for the benefit of the food bank. 

Student Council senior class secretary and Drive to Thrive co-chair Kylee Hopkins said it was really amazing to see the community come together to support the food drive, which was a little different this year than last.

“We are so thankful for all of the business and community members who participated in our efforts to make the community better,” Hopkins said.

Donated money in the amount of $531 cash, was given to the Pratt County Food Bank for use in purchasing perishable food such as hot dogs and ground beef, etc.

The food collectied has been taken to the Pratt County Food Bank, where it is available to those in need during regular open hours Monday 7-8 p.m., Wednesday 9:30-11:30 a.m., Thursday 7-8 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to 12 noon.