Country Trailblazers support PAHS with donations

Grace Swindler
Pratt Tribune
Members of the Country Trailblazers 4-H Club promoted 4-H and collected items for the Pratt Area Humane Society at their October 11 meeting. They installed new officers as well.

On October 11, 2020, the Country Trailblazers 4-H Club participated in 48 Hours of 4-H by promoting 4-H and collecting items for the Pratt Area Humane Society. 

Members set up a table outside at Tractor Supply Company. They were also able to promote 4-H in the community. They received items such as cleaning supplies, cat litter and pet toys as well as cash donations.

The club held a short meeting and donated an additional $50 to the Pratt Area Humane Society. 

During the meeting, the new officers in the club were installed. They are: Brett Atteberry, President, Clayton Freeman, Vice President, Gillian Swindler, Secretary, Wiley Atteberry, Treasurer, Grace Swindler, Reporter, and Aaron Lucas and Kinley Freeman are Recreation leaders.

At the September 27 meeting of the Country Trailblazers, held on Sunday, September 27 at the Coats Community Building, there were 10 members present. After election of officers, community leader, Holly Howell informed families that the Achievement Event will be on Sunday, November 8 with a catered meal. Officer Training will be multi county and via Zoom on Sunday, October 25. Online Enrollment takes place  October 1 through December 1. Community Leader, Brian Atteberry asked members to really think about activities that they wanted to do this year. Field trips or other special events.


Grace Swindler