Duplexes finished, rented out in Greensburg

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
New duplexes on E. Garfield Street in Greensburg provide much-needed affordable housing options. There are four units, celebrated in a recent open house event.

The duplexes that have been under construction near Kiowa County schools are completed and have been rented out, according to general contractors Clyde and Cindy Schmidt of A-1 Concrete and Construction. Weston Kroth of WK Construction, LLC. was the general contractor. There was recently an open house to display the new housing units to the community. 

“The open house went well. We rented the first two duplex apartments in the 212 E Garfield building after the first day of the open house,” said Cindy. “We had quite a few people from the community that were interested in the overall build that stopped by to see the final project and to wish us well.”

There are four total units in two different duplexes. The first, located at 212 E. Garfield are completely finished and have already been rented. The second, located at 206 E. Garfield, is getting the finishing touches. Schmidt anticipates it will be finished near the end of October and will be ready to rent out in November. The completed duplexes were rented to newcomers of Greensburg, and Cindy and Clyde felt very confident that they would be welcomed into the community with open arms. Schmidt said they felt very welcomed into the community and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to play a part in the Greensburg community. 

“We, Clyde & Cindy Schmidt, A-1 Concrete & Construction, would like to thank the community of Greensburg for their graciousness while we were in the process of building these duplexes,” said Cindy. “We have not met anyone in Greensburg that was not friendly and fun to talk to and get to know.”

Affordable housing is an issue in any rural community, but this is ever so true in Greensburg since the 2007 tornado. Stacy Barnes, Greensburg City Administrator, commented on the importance of these new duplexes. 

“Since the 2007 tornado, housing is continually identified as a need for Greensburg’s continued recovery and growth and we are excited that this project has come to fruition,” said Barnes. 

COVID-19 impacted the timeline of these duplexes. Supplies were delayed, such as the countertops and the cabinets. Schmidt said the contractors worked together to keep a safe distance from one another.