Snow surprises some before Thanksgiving in Pratt County, more coming

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Crunchy snow-crusted fenceposts and yucca plants were the results of a rain and snow storm that hit the area on Tuesday, November 24,  carrying over into Wednesday. By Thanksgiving most snow was melted.

A pre-Thanksgiving storm brought more than an inch of rain to Pratt County on Tuesday, November 24, before the temperatures dropped below freezing overnight and turned continued precipitation into snow. Cars, roadways and outdoor foliage were coated with crunchy snow on Wednesday morning.

“It was a bit of a surprise,” said Pratt resident Gale Rose, who called in a rain total of 1.10 for November 24 to the Pratt Tribune office. “I just didn’t quite expect it to snow the way it did.”

The weather system behind the feisty thunderstorms-turned-snowy in Kansas was the same storm that produce heavy snow in the Colorado Rockies and a broad area of light to moderate snow over the Upper Midwest on Tuesday, according to AccuWeatherNews. Area north and east of Pratt got rain, but no snow.

In Pratt County, more than an inch of snow crusted up on vehicles and outdoor foliage, some of which was still visible on Thanksgiving day in areas that did not receive a lot of sun.

A sizeable storm is predicted to hit the Midwest again this week, with rain and colder temperatures possible Wednesday and Thursday in the southcentral part of Kansas. The Kansas Weather Page published a forecast from the U.S. Weather Service projecting a possible 6-8 inches of snow in Pratt by Thursday, December 3.