Staff can make sure devices are secure, safe from malware

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt CDS/Radio Shack Manager Curt Oller is flanked by support staff Ashley Bertram, information technology (IT) specialist, and Laura Schwab, administrative assistant. The business, located at 620 North Main Street, is promoting computer safety and also ‘Giving the Gift of Security’ this holiday season.

Home computers, tablets and other electronic devices are immune to corona virus, but they can have other issues that affect their performance and that’s where Curt Oller says he and staff at Pratt CDS/Radio Shack, 620 North Main Street, are able to come to the rescue.

“We can help retrieve data, do repairs and install updates,” said Oller, whose background in electronics dates back to the late 90s  when his home-built computer was hacked--an event that set Oller on the path of self-learning about computers from the inside out and to his opening PC Unlimited in the 200 block of Main almost two decades ago, at the current location of N’Cahoots Coffee & Shoppe, where he specialized in both sales and service as he does now through CDS/Radio Shack.

Oller said that with more people working from home and more screen time for family members, it’s CDS staff’s’ goal to help computer users stay at the top of their game and their computers safe from viruses and malware.

“Make sure your device is at the top of its game, so you can be too! – That’s our motto,” Oller said.

Pratt Communications Data Security/Radio Shack other team members are Ashley Bertram, a graduate of Pittsburg Technology College with Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems and Technology, who heads the information technology (IT) division, and Laura Schwab as administrative assistant, who does repairs and updates for cell phones and tablets.

Help with data retrieval is another area of CDS staff expertise, Oller said, which brings the importance of data backup into call.

“Backing up data is the most important thing to do with any device,” Oller said. “We can help with setting that up.”

Viruses, spyware and malware are among the online enemies to avoid, Oller said.

Another threat to computer users, Oller said, are hijackers, whose weapons of attack range from viruses and malware to spyware.

“We see tons and tons of it,” Oller said.

Oller advised PC users to update their operating system to Windows 10 as an important precaution against cyber attacks

In addition to their service division, CDS/Radio Shack is a retail outlet for security systems, including cameras and intrusion systems, also Kenwood Two-Way Business Ban Radios and scanners, along with home electronics and cabling and wiring for electronics, TV/VCR scanning systems, and gaming systems.

“We’re encouraging shoppers to ‘Give the Gift of Security’ this Christmas,” Bertram said.

Another Christmas special is $100.00 off the NCTV Live TV Streaming Box that allows users to opt out of cable service for television viewing, which is featured on the CDS Facebook page, along with other offers.

CDS/Radio Shack hours are 8 a.m. to 6 pm. Monday through Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday.