Pratt Family Dental values the family aspect of business

Walker Green
Pratt Tribune
Dr. Steven Kunz and dental hygienist Shelly Brown treat one of Pratt Family Dental's many patients.

Dr. Carson Hopkins, DMD, started Pratt Family Dental in late 2009, after graduating Summa Cum Laude from dental school. He had one goal in mind: “to help people every day,” Hopkins said. “Our vision is to combine world class dentistry with small town service.” He runs his dental practice from his office on Fincham street, which finished construction in 2018.

Hopkins said he decided to become a dentist because, “I was always good with my hands and had a knack for getting to know people. I worked several jobs in customer service. When I observed the first dentist I remember thinking, ‘He’s just a mechanic!! I could do that!’ And here I am.” 

He draws on his people skills a lot in his dentistry and said he loves to hear their stories.

Emily Green, a customer, said this stood out to her on her first visit to the clinic. 

“I was able to get in for an emergency root canal right after we moved here. Even though I have LOTS of anxiety about dentists & dental work, I was calm and comfortable the whole time,” she said.

Family is important at  Pratt Family Dental, especially for Hopkins who runs the clinic with his brother-in-law, Dr. Steven Kunz. 

“I have always tried to treat everyone as well as my family,” Hopkins said. “I guess I don’t know if it has changed the way we run things.” 

According to Green, it has. When she and her family moved to Pratt in 2019, she said the Hopkins family was one of the very first families to welcome them. 

“We were blessed to live in their basement for a few weeks before we could move into our home,” she said. “Just like they took [us] in personally and we became family, they run their business the same way. They’ve got hearts of gold and when you go to PFD (Pratt Family Dental), you belong to that same family.” 

Brielle Vandervoort, who has worked as a dental assistant at the clinic for three years, commented on what the family aspect of Pratt Family Dental means to her.

 “[It] means feeling at home when you walk in the bright front door, hearing a familiar voice or laugh as you walk through the halls, knowing those around you truly care for you, and so much more to me,” she said.

In addition to providing dental care that Green called “the BEST in the business,” Hopkins uses his company to benefit the community in many ways, from sponsoring school sports and organizations, to providing the building for the Hope Center, to donating dental hygiene supplies for care packages for people in need.