N’Cahoots evolves to continue to meet customers needs in Pratt

Rafe Donnenwerth
Pratt Tribune
N'Cahoots Coffee & Shoppe in Pratt is a special place to find unusual gifts, chat with friends, drink coffee and partake of lunch specials amid antique charm.

N’Cahoots, opened September 26, 2017, by George Nusz and Tiffany Riley, is still surprising people who come through the coffee and gift shop doors on Pratt’s S. Main Street.

Wtih COVID-19 this year, there was a time the coffee shop was forced to close off seating and limit customers inside. However, the owners and employees used that time  to expand and do a little remodeling. The back room of the shop has been redone to make more space and be much more comfortable for customers and community members to relax and enjoy what N’Cahoots can provide.

Tiffany Riley, owner, said that what they offer is “a great cup of coffee, but more importantly, a place to meet and gather as well as helping other local entrepreneurs have a location to sell their product.” 

“We provide a cozy location for our community to spend time together,” she said.

Riley said lunch is served daily at N’Cahoots with popular soups of the day as well as sandwiches named after local schools on the menu.

Meeting spaces for special events such as baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, book clubs, Harry Potter night, and wine night are available, as permissable.

Online events and other special occassions are usually advertised via Facebook or, the old-fashioned way, signs on front door. 

Pop up boutiques, painting workshops, lady’s night out, and many holiday events have taken place or may yet be in the works. 

A unique feature of the business is that N’Cahoots has been helping young local businesses grow for the past three years. They are associated with groups such as Cottonwood Creek herbals, Uniquely Created custom earrings, Cowgirl Red jackets and flannels, and the newest one, Turquoise and Tines jewelry. 

N’Cahoots has been very helpful in bringing these small businesses into the public eye, as well as hosting local authors for book-signing events. N’Cahoots has a large collection of books written by people in our own community for sale.

According to Riley, one half of the mission for N’Cahoots Coffee Shop is to “spread kindness one cup of coffee at a time.”

The other half is to “…to grow the Pratt community and business in Pratt. We want to see all businesses grow in the Pratt community,” said George Nusz, the other owner.

“Pratt has been very supportive and we have a lot of fun with the customers,” said Riley.

N’Cahoots has become, in three years, a great addition to the Pratt family of businesses. The business has a loyal clientel  and continues to attract visitors and new friends from all over the state and world. A special map in the store has pins placed by visitors designating their original location, and it is filled with colorful markers showing what a great impact this business has made in close-by and far-away communities.