Fundraising glitch leaves Youth Core Ministries a bit short

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Youth involved with Youth Core Ministries work through life issues with coaches from Greensburg and Pratt communities.

At first glance it looked as if Giving Tuesday had been a wildly successful event for Youth Core Ministries based in Greensburg and Pratt with services Stafford County, but when Executive Director Debra Factor further analyzed the numbers it became apparent there was a problem.

‘We have several YCM divisions that have outreach programs throughout Kansas,” Factor said. “On Giving Tuesday when donations came in, they were recorded as if a donation was made to each program,” Factor said.

“We are grateful for each donation received, but unfortunately, we did not reach our $3,000.00 goal,” Factor said.

The actual amount raised for the Kiowa, Pratt and Stafford Counties programs was $2,277, leaving a deficit of $723.00.

Because the need is still unmet, Factor said, the Facebook Giving Tuesday opportunity is being extended in hopes of reaching the goal.

“I want to express my gratitude to our donors for the support they provide,” Factor said. “My prayer is that Giving Tuesday gifts will continue to come in to assure we have funding for all of our programs.”

Because of COVID concerns, the annual December Soup Supper will not be held, further increasing the need for Giving Tuesday support, Factor said.

On the Giving Tuesday Youth Core Ministries Facebook video, which is still posted for viewing on the Youth Core Ministries site, Factor shared some of the 2020 Youth Core Ministries successes.

“Despite all the difficulties this year, our staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to show up in the lives of the people we minister to,” Factor said. “We’ve had 46 kids accept Christ this year and well over 150 individuals and families in our program are in a process of walking out of poverty.”

YCM Outreaches in Pratt include The Barron Theatre and The Store Next Door. YCM Summer Camp is also a Christ-centered program geared to area youth.

Donations to Youth Core Ministries are tax-deductible and may be made on-line through the Youth Core Ministries Facebook site or by mail to Youth Core Ministries, 211 East Garfield, Greensburg, KS 67054. Checks sent by mail should be noted as Giving Tuesday donations.