Hallowell's fudge spreads smiles worldwide

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Pratt confectioner Bev Hallowell displays her home-made chocolate delicacies at the Christmas Craft Mall in Great Bend at the Central Baptist Church. Hallowell said she will take Christmas and other orders from those in Pratt, or elsewhere, through her Facebook messaging or email beverlyhallowell@gmail.com.

One batch at a time, Bev Hallowell is creating chocolate delicacies in the kitchen of her Pratt family home, some of which she’s been told are making their way to U.S. soldiers overseas.

“I’m happy that the soldiers will be enjoying some homemade sweets,” said Hallowell. 

The Pratt chocolatier is in her seventh year of marketing her tastebud-tickling confectionary delights which she packages in two-ounce cups with lid, spoon included, for $1.

“They’re ideal as Christmas stocking stuffers or to add to gift baskets or to use as party or wedding favors throughout the year--or sometimes people just like to treat themselves,” Hallowell said.

“From early November through Christmas Eve, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen,” said Hallowell who has been hooked on sweet somethings since her childhood in Iowa where she like to hang out in the kitchen watching her mother bake.

“I remember my grandparents giving us gifts of homemade candies for Christmas and how much we loved getting them,” Hallowell said.

Currently, Hallowell is offering 11 varieties of fudge: lemon cream, peppermint crunch, cookies and cream, pecan turtle, sea salt caramel, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate toffee and peanut butter in single layers. Two-layered fudge offerings include cherry mash, chocolate peanut butter and hint of mint with a chocolate layer.

From start to finish it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to make each batch of fudge, Hallowell said..  She typically makes four to six batches in a day.

“Family member and friends help once in a while, but it’s usually just me,” Hallowell said. “My grandkids, when they visit, love being taste-testers.”

Hallowell said she doesn’t have special equipment and she hasn’t had any batches so far this year that didn’t live up to her standards.

“Getting the ingredients exactly right is really important,” Hallowell said. “So is following the recipe directions.”

Hallowell maintains a booth at the Christmas Craft Mall in Great Bend at Central Baptist Church, 3301 Lakin, which opened in mid-November and will continue through 3 p.m. this Thursday, December 24.

“This has been a busy year sales-wise for me at the craft mall,” Hallowell said.

She has also been busy filling orders from Facebook special requests and said she would continue taking post-holiday orders through Facebook messaging, by email at beverlyhallowell@gmail.com, or by phone 620-770-9260.