All animals welcomed at Main Street Veterinary in Pratt

Jared Nelson
Pratt Tribune
An African Grey bird named Ziggy dances on the counter at Main Street Small Animal Clinic on N. Main Street in Pratt.

Main Street Small Animal Clinic at 522 N. Main in Pratt is one of the businesses that truly shows what is good about the community.

Having been around the community for over 17 years, this vet clinic prioritizes helping animals in need, and making sure the owners don’t worry about the safety of their animal.

Veterinarian Dr. Luann Bergner grew up on a farm here in Pratt, and knew from age five that she wanted to be a veterinarian because of her love for science and helping animals.

When asked about some of the rewards and challenges of running her business, she said: “Helping animals and helping the individual owners is my favorite thing about being a vet because I get to see how important we are to them. The most challenging thing about being a vet is dealing with the owners who don’t care about their animals, or who wait until it’s too late to help them.”

“My biggest reward since opening this business is saving the different animals, whether it’s sick, hurt, or in a bad situation. It’s always amazing to see an animal pull through, and to see the relieved faces of the family. I love rescuing animals and helping them out of their situations.”

This Main Street vet has been giving aid to hurt animals for almost two decades here in the community, and the customers that go there respect the staff.

When asked how beneficial this business was to her, Jessica Fox, a customer for years at the clinic, had this to say: “They have family-friendly costs and will always put your animal first, and will always be there to help you out.”

Kassandria Fox, the assistant to Dr. Bergner, said that the vet has always been friendly as long as she has worked there, and Dr. Bergner is always talk to customers, neighbors and staff alike.

With this kind of track record, Main Street Vet has gained the trust of many members of the community.

When asked about how important her business is to the community, Dr. Bergner said: “I think we are very important because of the effort we put in to helping animals and helping the owners. We always try and put the animal first.”

For more information contact: Luann Bergner, Main Street Small Animal Clinic (620) 770-0170.