Mask advocates in Pratt give rewards with 'Run, Run, Rona' campaign

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Scott Goodheart of Pratt got caught at Signature Style wearing his mask by ‘Run, Run, Rona’ people and was awarded a $10 chamber bucks certificate just before Christmas.

Run, Run, Rona is a new group in Pratt, recently organized by Shelli Allen, Kerry Von Schriltz and friends to encourage and motivate individuals and families to make smart choices in thwarting the spread of coronavirus through rewards.

“We’re advocates of a healthy dose of practical advice as a way to help stem the spread of coronavirus in Pratt and its environs,” Allen said.

The group uses #runrunrona as their calling card.

During the Christmas week, #runrunrona’s members put a holiday spin on their game and were out and about town, in the guise of Santa’s elves, handing out flyers, free face masks and chamber bucks.

“It was our way to encourage holiday shoppers to wear their masks and social distance,” Allen said. “We want to run coronavirus out of our community.”

Allen and friends have also joined forces with the “Kansas Beats the Virus” movement, promoted by the Kansas Leadership Center of South-Central Kansas, facilitated by Pratt affiliates Jeanette Siemens and Lisa Perez Miller.

Allen said the Kansas Leadership program, linked small business owners, employees and workers in the education and health fields, to social network leaders, bringing the #runrunrona project to life.

“Our common goals are keeping Pratt County healthy, keeping schools and businesses open and keeping our community united,” Allen said. “Our group not only wants a safer community, but a stronger community connecting and helping each other in the midst of this pandemic.”

An immediate goal of #runrunrona is to instill change and the perception that wearing a mask is a nuisance.

“Our goal is that Pratt residents will come to think of wearing a face mask as an act of kindness,” Allen said. “#runrunrona is our defense against the coronavirus threat and there is always strength in numbers.”