Pratt County commission highlights include salary approvals

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Pratt County Commissioners continue to conduct regular Monday meetings at 4 p.m., open to the public and available by Zoom link.

Highlights of the Pratt County Commissioners regular meeting held at 4 p.m. Monday, December 21, 2020 at Pratt County Courthouse, Commission Chairman Tom Jones presiding, included approval of annual commission salaries, as well as raises for other county personnel.

Action and information items included:

1. Unanimously approved motion by Commissioner Jones to adopt Resolution 12-21-20 for Spark Funds to be transferred to the County General Fund for COVID-related expenses and other non-personnel related reimbursements as follows: Emergency Management, $30,615.97; EMS, $59,391.65: Other, $17,529.07. 

Pratt County Economic Development Director Heather Morgan recommended commissioners sign Pratt County’s reimbursement check, but withhold it pending receiving receipts for expenditure and also noted another stimulus package is in the wings, allotting additional funds for education/schools and also for broadband services.

2. Unanimously approved motion by Commissioner Borho to adopt Resolution 12-21-2020A to accept annual salaries for elected county personnel in the following amounts: commissioners, $23,500; commission chair, $24,500; county attorney, $113,300; county clerk, $59,000; county treasurer, $56,500; county attorney, $113.300; county treasurer, $56,500; register of deeds, $52,500; sheriff, $69,500.

3. Approved motion by Commissioner Reynolds to accept salary raises for non-elected personnel as follows: Tiffany Ailstock, RSVP director; $2,005; Tim Branscom, emergency manager, $2,380; Doug Fruend, road supervisor, $4,000 and $1,000 for serving as supervisor of Pratt County Lake; Mark Graber, IT Department, $2,250; Nancy Smith, CWSW supervisor, 60 cents; Mike Tibbetts, communications, 75 cents; Robert Torres, noxious weed, 75 cents; Darcie Vandervyver, health director, $10,000; and Jason Winkel, landfill/recycling, $5,000. (Numbers recorded directly from county clerk approved minutes for 12-21-20 meeting.)

4. Approved on motion of Commissioner Borho a three-percent wage increase for Pratt County Road and Bridges personnel not identified by name, excluding an employee still on a six-month probationary period, and were advised by Freund that 19 road department employees had attended a Zoom safety-training session at Pratt County Fairgrounds.

5. Were advised by Commissioner Borho that construction on the water line to the new Pratt County Public Safety Center is scheduled to begin January 4 with completion expected in three weeks, depending on weather conditions, noting that City of Pratt inspection is scheduled.