Barclay College supporters raise more than $1M for new nursing program

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Barclay College in Haviland has announced funding for a new, accredited nursing program exceeded goals last fall and steps towards that reality a moving forward.

The vision of Barclay College board members, financial supporters and President Dr. Royce Frazier, took another step towards reality the first week of January when Frazier announced that fundraising efforts to support a new, accredited nursing program at the college had topped $1M in Haviland.

“I am pleased to announce that at the end of November 2020 Barclay College has received $1,003,000 toward the startup of the new nursing program. It is evident that the college is moving into a new era in the 21st century through the vision of our board, the support of the Barclay College family, and the work of God," Frazier said.

The goal of $800,000 for a program startup was a sizable challenge, one that began steps toward reality when the college hired Kim Hansen, B.S.N., M.S.N, as the new Director of Nursing Education in July 2019 to begin the accreditation process for the program.

“The blessing in starting a nursing program at Barclay College is not only that we can help to fulfill this need, but our students will graduate with a major in Nursing and in Biblical Studies, combining faith and nursing. Our program's mission will be to graduate highly competent, ministry-minded nurses who contribute to a diverse global community through effective Christian life, service, and leadership," Hanson said, at that time.

In the fall board meeting of 2019, the Barclay College Board of Trustees approved the launching of the quest to start a nursing program at Barclay College. The challenge had been discussed for many years, maybe decades, but had always faltered when it came to funding. Courageously, the Board of Trustees determined to take the necessary steps to ensure the success. Board members gave the initial gifts and pledges that totaled nearly $100,000 to launch the march toward a nursing program goal.

Since last fall, support for the new nursing program came from both individuals and from the area medical community. Pratt Regional Medical Center and Kiowa County Hospital gave significant gifts toward the new nursing program. 

“We absolutely support Barclay College's initiative to establish an accredited nursing program that could be so beneficial for the residents of Southwest Kansas," said Susan Page, President and CEO, Pratt Regional Medical Center. "We stand ready to assist in any way we can.”

Larry Lewis, VP for Institutional Advancement said the strong response to the nursing program initiative came about because people see a real need in southwest Kansas for nursing instruction, particulary in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, plus this initiative is a great way to increase student enrollment at Barclay College.

“The underlying message is that people see value in having a nursing program from a Christian perspective," Lewis said. "Not only are we helping fill the void in the nursing field, but we can do it by being Christ’s hands and feet to those we care for.”

President Frazier said both faith and healing have a relevant place in the world today.

“I think we are only seeing the beginning of what might be a new direction for the college," he said. "Holding to our deeply grounded roots in partnering a degree in nursing or any undergraduate medical profession and a degree in theology sets our students apart. They will become world-changers!”

Barclay College, located in Haviland, Kansas, west of Pratt on HWY 54/400, is a private faith-based school that offers a rigorous four-year academic program both for residential campus and online, with a solid biblical foundation for students with evangelical faith traditions. A School of Graduate Studies offers a Master of Arts degree in nine ministry concentrations. Its mission is to prepare students in a Bible-centered environment for effective Christian life, service, and leadership.

Full tuition scholarships are given to campus students who live in the dorms. College supporters fund this program so that students can receive a quality education with little or no debt.

Applications are currently accepted for the Fall 2021 semester on campus.  Online programs start every six weeks.  Students may contact Admissions at (800) 862.0226 or by email at  They may also apply through the website at

* Kathy Wiebe, Barclay College Director of Marketing, contributed to this article.