Gatlin Medical Arts Pharmacy changes to meet customer needs in pandemic times

Samuel Gatlin
Pratt Tribune
Terry Gatlin works on a knee scooter for a patient at Gatlin Pharmacy in Pratt. Gatlin Pharmacy has also started carrying an increased number of walkers and other related assistive devices.

Gatlin Medical Arts Pharmacy has implemented several changes in order to keep staff and customers safe since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the shortages of hand sanitizer owner’s Terry and Michelle Gatlin have started compounding their own sanitizers. The entire family got involved with up to a gallon a day being produced in the beginning of the pandemic, when hand sanitizer was widely unavailable.

The pharmacy has also seen an increased amount of prescriptions mailed and delivered to customers. This has taken an increase in the amount of staff time to prepare and send out prescriptions.

Since the start of the pandemic they’ve started wearing personal protective equipment – including gloves and protective masks when working with customers that are in the store to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Staff has taken an increased amount of time and care in cleaning to prevent the spread of the disease. A limited number of customers are allowed in the store at one time, with signs helping people remember to social distance.

“Coronavirus has brought us challenges but we are grateful we have been able to remain open and able to serve our customers and community,” said owner Terry Gatlin.

Terry and Michelle Gatlion have been serving the local community for over three years and are hoping for many more.