Tatro manages Pratt Maurices with enthusiasm

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Store Manager Hannah Tatro is excited to share spring merchandise with customers, online and in person at Pratt’s Maurices store, located at 2010 East First in Pratt. She has been the manager at that location since August 2020.

Hannah Tatro has always been a fan of stylish clothing, especially that sold at Maurices. A Pratt native, the store was always her favorite place to shop, even at its former location downtown Pratt. Since August 2020, the store now located at 2010 East First has become her favorite place to work, as she is now the manager of Pratt Maurices.

“I was a part-time manager here a few years ago, but then I moved to Hays,” Tatro said. “Maurices shut down because of COVID-19 from about March to June last year, after which the previous  manager decided she would like to pursue a different job path. I came back to open the store up in June and then in Aguust received the official promotion to manager.”

Becoming manager during a COVID-19 pandemic led to an increased dedication to customer safety and satisfaction at Maurices for Tatro. She and the other employees (two full-time, several others part-time) make sure to deep clean fitting rooms after every customer, as well as wipe down all frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, handles, counters and displays.

“We all wear masks here, and we ask our customers to wear masks,” Tatro said. “We are so glad to be open again and we do everything we can to make it a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all.”

Tatro said that one of the reasons accepting a job as manager at Maurices was a good choice for her was because it is such a great company to work for.

“Employee care and customer care are top priorities,” she said. “I just really love this place.”

Tatro said that Pratt Maurices experienced less foot traffic during the recent Christmas season than years before because of the coronavirus, but online sales were very good.

“We felt a lot of support here in Pratt because a lot of customers preferred to order online and then we shipped their purchases to them,” she said.

Looking forward, Tatro said spring fashions are now available at Maurice’s with a lot of pinks and greens as featured colors.

“We have a ton of spring stuff, everyone should come out and see it,” she said. “We have stylists ready to help find the perfect match.”

Tatro said tie-dyes are popular this spring, especially the hombre (dark to light) patterns on shirts and pants. Overalls are also coming back in style with several options available.

Special sales and new styles are promoted on Facebook at Pratt Maurices. Hours open are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., unless othewise advertised.