Scooter's Coffee revitalizes highly-traveled intersection in Pratt

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Scooter’s Coffee Drive-Thru, which opened the last week of December, brings a new look to the northeast corner of the First-and-Main-street intersection in Pratt. The drive-thru coffee shop is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

Scooter’s Coffee, located on the northeast corner of First and Main streets, is the newest addition to Pratt's downtown business district, offering up a variety of hot and cold treats, courtesy of franchise owners Donny and Lindsay Huber of Garden City.

Official opening day was Tuesday, December 29, 2020, and since then a plethora of customers have been enjoying coffee, tea, special breakfast items and innovative sweet snacks, available through drive-thru service only.

“We’re excited about Pratt,” said Lindsay Huber. “We’ve been looking thinking about a Pratt location for a long time and we’re proud to claim Pratt as our fifth Scooter’s location in Southwest Kansas.”

Bernadette Frickey is Scooter’s manager, heading the Pratt staff of 29 part-time and fulltime employees, who rotate to fill shifts seven days a week as they serve drive-through customers from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Scooter’s 500-square-foot brick quarters.

The newly constructed building and professional landscape (recently completed by Younie’s Landscaping of Pratt) has been a welcome fix for what has been a dismal corner in recent past years, where a decaying KFC franchise building and former gas station once stood.

Now the intersection bustles with activity as fresh-brewed orders are filled by the staff of baristas, along with specialty coffee drinks.

The kitchen work-area also features a prep area for sweet snacks and breakfast items that are available throughout business hours, as are menu items including cinnamon rolls and sandwich options carrying descriptive names of bacon ciabiatta, maple waffle, egg and cheddar biscuit and turkey sausage sandwich,

Drink prices range from $2 for brewed coffee on up for specialty coffees, based on personalized orders.

Customers using the Scooter’s social media “app” were rewarded with “SMILES” as a bonus to an order, with 60 smiles equating to a free drink of choice being offered during Scooter’s Coffee opening day.

Throughout the year, “SMILES” will continue to be added to a customer’s on-line app for a variety of free-drink rewards, Huber said.

Information about the Smiles App and other Scooter’s products and services is available on at the Pratt Scooter’s Facebook site or website,

“My favorite part of the business is our customer service, making everybody’s day a little better and our Smiles Reward App helps us do that,” Huber said.

Co-owner Donny Huber said many local employees were excited to work in Pratt and serve the local community.

“We are happy to be here,” he said.

Scooter’s Coffee menu is available online at