Pizaacos come to Pratt every third Wednesday

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt customer Kathy Hitz picks up her order of pizaacos at Merchants Park on January 20 from Dani Collins (business owner, standing left) and Morgan Shore, from Hutchinson. The pair, assisted by Dani's father, Dan Hoffman (right) make regular deliveries to Pratt each month from their restaurant in Hutchinson, called Pizaacos.

Every third Wednesday of every month, no matter what the weather, a white mini-van pulls up on the west side of Pratt’s Merchants Park and Dani Collins of Hutchinson unloads several large coolers. Inside those coolers are special-made pizaacos, ordered ahead by loyal Pratt customers, ready for pickup at the same location each month.

“Dad accumulated a lot of loyal customers from Pratt over the years,” Collins said. “Our product orignated here, we have roots here, and people love their pizaacos. We always bring extras for those who didn’t get their pre-order in or just happen to see us here. It is worth the trip each time.”

Collins operates a restaurant by the same name (Pizacoos) in Hutchinson, where she makes the Pratt orders in her certified kitchen. She is often assisted with the deliveries to Pratt by Morgan Shore, a Pratt High School graduate, and her father, Dan Hoffman, who is the son of Charlie Hoffman who invented pizaacos at his restaurant in Pratt.

The original Charlie’s Pizza Taco opened in Pratt in 1965 but closed in 2014 after the death of the founder Charlie Hoffman, Dan’s father. Pizza-tacos may still be purchased at The Chapeau, 701 N. Main in Pratt, but the original recipe has stayed with Collins and the Hoffman family under the name pizaaco.

A pizaaco itself is a folded-over flatbread stuffed full of mozzarella cheese, shredded lettuce and crumbly pork sausage. (Beef also is available.) The only thing “taco” about it is its shape, but it is available at different levels of spicyness, with hot being one of the most popular.

At Pizaacos in Hutchinson Collins and company also serves up frozen or ready to cook breakfast pizzas and pizaacos, pasta bakes, regular pizzas and specialty items such as the raft, the log, garlic knots or mini pizaacos. These foods may also be ordered ahead and delivered to Pratt as "take and bake" items.

Orders may be made for Pratt delivery on the Facebook page Pizaaacos, or by calling 620-662-6293. Then, rain, shine or snow, the white van will pull up at Merchants Park for deliveries on the third Wednesday of each month.