Haviland Broadband improves internet speed to more than 2,300 rural subscribers across Kansas

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
Haviland Broadband has brought high-speed internet to most of Kiowa County as well as to more than five other counties throughout the state of Kansas. The company, based in Haviland, has been in business more than 70 years.

Haviland Broadband, formally known as Haviland Telephone, has been offering dial-up internet service since the 1990s and began offering DSL in 2002. Now, the company is one of the top in the state in providing high-speed interent to rural areas. 

“After upgrades to some of our plant equipment in 2018, we’ve been able to offer speeds of up to 100Mpbs in all of our DSL towns,” said Jayci Smitherman, Director of Marketing. “With our new wireless equipment, we are now able to offer speeds of 25, 50 and even 100 Mpbs download to many of our rural locations as well.”

To put this in perspective, when DSL was first offered, Haviland Broadband offered 245kbps, 384 kbps, and 768 kbps. 1000 kbps - 1 Mbps, so speeds now are over 100 times faster in some areas than were offerent in 2002. Speeds at specific addresses can depend on the distance from Haviland Broadband’s cabinets and towers. 

In Greensburg, there is fiber, but not all residential addresses have access to that, depending on where someone lives. Even if fiber isn’t available in a certain area, Haviland Broadband is able to offer superior services to over 2600 subscribers in Argonia, Coats, Conway Springs, Coldwater, Cullison, Greensburg, Haviland, Isabel, Mullinville, Nashville, Norwich, Riverdale, Sawyer, and Wilmore. 

These higher speeds are available because of three new fixed wireless systems, all based in different towns and counties. Haviland in Kiowa County, Nashville in Kingman County, and Conway Springs in Sumner County are locations for the new systems. Greensburg received enhanced wireless equipment to an already existing system. 

“These new integrated access points will reach a total of 1428 unserved locations and allow speed capacities of up to 100 Mbps download/20 Mbps upload in current Haviland Broadband rural areas,” said Smitherman. 

The new equipment not only increases speeds, but will provide service for some locations outside of the service area that couldn’t previously receive service. 

Howard and Eva Ellis acquired the telephone company 71 years ago and since then many improvements have been made. 

The Ellis family farming operation supported the Telephone Company for the first few years until REA financing became available. Howard and Eva Ellis worked long, hard hours for many years to not only keep the business running but to continually upgrade and improve the quality of service,” according to the Haviland Broadband website. 

Howard and Eva’s children, Robert, Charles, and Norma, worked with the company in some capacity from 1949 to this day. In 1991, Universal Serving Corp purchased Haviland Telephone Company. In 1994, it was acquired by The Lynch Corporation, who is the current owner. 

In 2019, in recognition of the importance of broadband services and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of being in business, Haviland Telephone became Haviland Broadband. 

For more information about service areas, services offered, or the history of Haviland Broadband, visit their website at havilandtelco.com.