Pratt businesses and Bread of Life kitchen benefit from Super Bowl LV buildup

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Mattie Kerr, Balloons and More employee, puts the finishing touches on a Kansas City Chiefs football team yard sign, one of more than 30 sold as a fundraising benefit for Bread of Life Kitchen this past week in Pratt.

Kansas City Chiefs football fans are gearing up for the 2021 Superbowl game coming February 7, and several Pratt businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to take advantage of the state-favorite team buildup. Chief-related promo items in red, white, black and gold are hot items at Balloons and More, which has created an outlet to help out others in need with a special agreement through Meade Lumber for yard signs.

Tonja Harrison at Balloons and More on Jackson Street was already making and selling tumblers and t-shirts to order, featuring a variety of KC Chief designs, but then she came up with the idea of making yard signs.

"I went to Meade Lumber to talk to John White about getting a discount so I could get these out to people at an affordable rate so anyone could have one," Harrison said. "I wanted him to sell me the wood at a reduced price, but he came up with the idea to double the price, and then give half of it to a charity as a fundraiser. It was really a good idea."

Harrison said a friend, Kyle Irvin, who volunteers his time at Pratt's Bread of Life Kitchen, told her they had plenty of food to serve those who needed it on Tuesday evenings there, but because of COVID-19, they were serving everything to go and it was costly to get the carry-out containers.

"I thought that might be the perfect fundraiser and everything just came together very quickly," Harrison said.

Though she didn't actually double the price of the wooden Chief's yard signs, Harrison said that by selling them for $20 (normal price would have been $15) each, she could cover her expenses and still donate $10 per each sign sold to Bread of Life for carry-out container expenses.

"We sold 32 of them by the deadline last Friday," Harrison said. "There was an option to have them painted or get the supplies and do-it-yourself. It was about half and half on people getting the kits to paint them, or having our employee, Mattie Kerr, paint them."

Harrison said she was happy to report that not only did White donate the wood for the KC cutouts, but Pratt City Manager Bruce Pinkall also chipped in financially towards the fundraiser for Bread of Life.

"I have $320 going to Bread of Life, plus I am still selling the left-over outside of the cutout that people can buy for $2 and use for stencils to make more Chiefs decorations," Harrison said. "Between all of the Super Bowl items and getting ready for Valentine's Day, it's been crazy here."

Also, picking up on the KC Chiefs Super Bowl craze the past few days was Cathy Abbott at Cathy's Closet.

"We sold out all of our Chiefs-related stuff right away," Abbott said. "I ordered two of the painted KC Chief's yard signs from Balloons and More and have a raffle going here for those. We will draw that winner February 3."

Abbott's raffle is free. She said anyone could come in an pick up tickets to win the yard signs. Her donation paying for the items went to help Bread of Life and support local business, she said. Her motivation to provide free raffle tickets for the signs was to reward her own customers and bring a few new ones into the store at 322 S. Main.

Many other local stores in Pratt continue to offer special Kansas City Chiefs items for sale as excitement for the big game on Sunday increases, such as Memories, Market 54 on Main, Simply Southwest, N'Cahoots, Creative Memories and more. Home Lumber and Supply at 803 N. Main in Pratt was offering registrations for a Super Bowl Giveaway contest on February 5 that featured special Chief's chairs, cups,cuzies a jacket and Milwaukee brand t-shirts, and Creative Memories has been doing "live" broadcasts with special Kansas City Chiefs sale items on Facebook.

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday evening in Florida for the 55th Superbowl game.