Kiowa County hospital in transition with the help of PRMC leadership

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal
Kiowa County Memorial Hospital in Greensburg is in transitional stages of moving to a county-owned and operated facility. Currently, management is under the umbrella of Pratt Regional Medical Center.

The Kiowa County Memorial Hospital has been operating as a leased facility with Great Plains, according to Morgan Allison, Administrative Coordinator. KCMH is currently making the transition to a county owned and operated facility. 

“Pratt Regional Medical Center (PRMC) has been contracted to assist as a manager for KCMH,” said Allison. “Their role is to help us bring more services in house if possible, for example billing or coding, hiring an administrator, and overall helping KCMH become a stand-alone facility.”

PRMC has been an integral part of making this transition. They have the experience necessary to provide guidance to the Hospital Board as well as the management personal at Kiowa County Memorial Hospital. 

The reason behind the transition comes from a desire to better serve the constituents of the hospital. According to Allison, under the lease agreement with Great Plains, board members were unable to represent their patients. 

“With this new arrangement, KCMH will be in control of the operations of the facility, rather than relying on GPHA for services,” said Allison. “Ideally, this will reduce our costs and keep more of our resources within our local community. Additionally, this can potentially create more opportunities for employment in our county.”

Allison said she believes there is only one con to this transition, and that is the high volume of work that has to be done. Although this is hard, like change often is, Allison said she believes this process will be very beneficial for everyone involved. 

If this transition hadn’t occurred, the hospital would have continued providing care at the same level they always have, she said. This new plan gives KCMH the opportunity to change the culture of their hospital, provide more services, and grow. 

“The Trustees want to balance the need to hold down the mill levy while fulfilling our mission to provide quality, compassionate care,” said Allison. 

Allison is working with Susan Page, interim CEO, to run the day to day operations of the hospital with the mentorship and partnership of PRMC, along with the KCMH management team. 

The Kiowa County Memorial Hospital opened in March of 1950 and has served local residents ever since. It was destroyed in May of 2007 by an EF-5 tornado, but reopened in limited capacity just three weeks later. The new, 50,000 square foot hospital and clinic was opened in March of 2010. The Kiowa County Pharmacy was added in January of 2012.