All for love, love for all: Cruz family is now complete and official

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Ezzie Diaz married her long-time sweetheart, Cruz, at the end of January 2021 in Pratt, surrounded by family and friends and well-wishes. Many in the community know her through her work as owner, manager, hostess and waitress at The Famous Servateria on First Street. The wedding party included, from left (back) Angel Diaz, Ezzie Diaz, Jesus Sanchez (brother to Ezzie), Blanca Diaz Benavente, Cruz and (front) Giavany and Antony. The family included a special chair in memory of their grandmother, Amalia Benavente, who passed in December 2020.

Something is different about Ezzie Diaz Cruz these days, and it's more than the extra name added to her handle. It is not really visible on the outside, unless one notices that serene smile seems a little more inward since the beginning of the month, but inside she said she feels different. And it's a good difference.

"I never thought I was one who needed to be married to be happy," Diaz said last week. "But after our wedding, I have discovered how happy it makes me. I see how happy my boys are, how happy we all are together now that it is official, and I'm just different somehow. Happier."

Diaz, a well-known and friendly face at The Famous Servateria, where she is the owner, manager, hostess, waitress and friendly confidant of many regular customers who come in to eat or just drink coffee at the popular Pratt restaurant at 1123 East First Street, used to go by the last name of Diaz until she married her long-time sweetheart and partner Priciliano Cruz on January 30, 2021 in Pratt.

"He just goes by Cruz, but that's his last name, so now we add that on," Ezzie (short for Esmerelda) said. "We had always planned to get married, but something always seemed to come up, and we always knew that we loved each other, so the years just kind of went by."

Ezzie and her Cruz have been together for 12 years, perhaps even more, but it was in 2011 that he first asked for her hand in marriage. Diaz grew up in Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico, but moved to Pratt more than 30 years ago when she was 7 years old with her mother, Blanca Diaz Benavente. She went to school in Pratt, graduated from Skyline High School and has lived and worked in Pratt ever since.

"Cruz and I have talked about getting married several times through the years," Diaz said. "I always joked that if he would give me a baby girl, then I would marry him, but that didn't work out."

Diaz had to have an emergency hysterectomy two years ago that ended her chances to have more children.

"I am very blessed by my three boys," she said. "They are such blessings to me. It is because of their love and persistent wishes that Cruz and I finally decided to get married."

Diaz said that for several years now her two youngest sons, Antony (9) and Giovany (7) had been asking why there weren't any wedding pictures in their house, and why couldn't they see their mama in a wedding dress. She also has an older son, Angel Diaz (16).

Diaz-Cruz wedding plans were in motion for December 2020, but then Ezzie's grandmother passed away Decembe 11, 2020 after an unexpected kidney failure.

"We were just devastated so the wedding was put off," Diaz said.

But her boys did not let the couple off the hook.

"At Christmas, the two younger boys said they wanted only two things," Diaz said. "They wanted grandma back (which we couldn't do) and they wanted mommy and daddy to get married."

Diaz said she and Cruz decided they would have a simple wedding at the end of January, to make the boys happy.

"I just thought we would go to the house, have my cousin Perla Olivas come and officiate, she's licensed for that, and spend some time with family and food. Something simple," Diaz said.

But then her friends and employees at The Famous Servateria found out what was up and took matters into their own hands.

"The girls here at the restaurant just took over," Diaz said. "They got a cake ordered, put together centerpiece table decorations, rented the basement meeting room at Dr. Hopkins Pratt Family Dental, which is a great place, by the way. They said to me, 'We are going to have a wedding.' And they made it all happen. My mom and these four employees had everything planned and ready to go within four days."

Diaz said her boys were also involved in the wedding planning and just went crazy with excitement over every detail.

"I had planned to borrow a wedding dress from my good friend, but Antony, he had other plans and when I took him to Wichita to get his hair cut, he insisted that we stop at the bridal shop there," Diaz said. "When we went in, they right away asked if I had an appointment, which I did not. But Antony, he just put on his most charming smile and said, 'My beautiful mother is getting married Saturday and she needs a dress.' How could they refuse?"

The perfect dress was found, and Antony even offered to pay for it with his own money that he had saved and brought along for the occasion.

"He said it was his dream to see his parents get married and to see his momma in a wedding dress, and he was prepared to make it happen," Diaz said. "He is super warm-hearted like that. He is something else."

A video of the Diaz - Cruz wedding may be seen on Ezzie Diaz's Facebook page  where, surrounded by family and friends, the Diaz-Cruz family bonds became official on January 30, 2021.

"My mother was so happy that we finally got married. She cried and cried. The boys were super happy. We were all very happy it worked out the way it did," Diaz said. "We missed Grandma so very much, but the wedding is something that will always make us smile. We got this year off to a good start, despite the trouble in the world."

Diaz, now Cruz, said her husband, who has worked for many years as a mechanic at The Wrays LLC Commercial Truck Dealership in Sawyer, also officially adopted her oldest son, Angel, in February , and the family is now complete.

"Marriage, family gives us stability. We are full of love, always have been, but this is special. I will treasure this time forever," she said.