Weather halts Pratt County coronavirus vaccinations this week

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Jennifer Hassler and Debra Stegman from Pratt Family Practice check information forms with Pratt County residents before administrating COVIC-19 vaccination shots at the Pratt Community Center. In the background, Crystal Freeman, from the Pratt County Health Department, Deb Jantz and Amber Walker from PRMC prepare for the next step of the vaccination process.

Last week 220 primary doses of the MODERNA vaccine were received and administered to the Phase 2 population in Pratt County by the Pratt County Health Department. This week zero vaccination shots arrived in Pratt because of weather delays.

"Vaccine doses are still in limited supply," said Pratt County Health Department Administrator Darcie Van Der Vyver. "This week we did not receive any primary doses due to the weather."

According to Van Der Vyver, there were 250 secondary doses administered last week, in addition to the 220 primary doses of MODERNA, so more than 1,020 people have been vaccinated in Pratt County, with more than 1,800 people remaining on the Pratt County COVID-19 survey waiting list. She said that the health department is currently out of COVID-19 vaccine but is receiving more weekly. Calls will be made according to the survey sign-up list.

Second shot schedules continue as planned, with those who received their first COVID-19 vaccination at the Pratt Community Center set to return for their second dose in 28 days. Van Der Vyver said calls will not be made for second doses, which are already scheduled according to first-shot dates.

"If you received your 1st dose on 1/21/2021, return on 2/18/2021. For first shot dose on 1/28/2021, return on 2/25/2021. Those who received a first dose on 2/4/2021, are due to return on 3/4/2021. First dose shots on 2/11/2021, are due to return on 3/11/2021," she said. "Due to the strict administration requirements of the vaccine, it is not possbile to accommodate personal schedule changes. Please attend follow-up  date as scheduled."

Because of the limited vaccine allocation, walk-ins are not allowed at this time.

Those interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, are still required to fill out a survey. at