Pratt forensics teams continue journey of success, more state qualifying slots secured

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt students competing at the Kiowa County High School Forensics Tournament on February 13 included (front, from left) Brett Boor, Colby Gordon, Michael Dishman; Mid Row - Nick Vail, Autumn Kuemin, Kylee Hopkins, Maddie Drake, and Ruby Howell; (back) Darrian Cox, Dawson Malone.

The Pratt High Schooo forensics had an stellar day Saturday, Feb. 20. Going into a tournament with 65 teams felt like madness to head coach Rose Beilman. The tourney had 631 entries, which is larger than any state 4A forensics meet in the past few years. And the Pratt squad earned 4th out of those 65 teams.

Other results were the following: #3 Pittsburg, #2 Ft. Scott, and #1 Buhler.

In addition, for Pratt, Colby Gordon made it to #3 out of 51 humorous solos, Michael Dishman made it to #5 out of 97 prose entries, which qualified both of them for state. Also, Brett Boor made it to 5th in finals in Info10 and Darrian Cox made it to semifinals in the top 12 out of 88 poetry entries. The competitors last Saturday included these stu- dents who helped the Greenbacks make it to 4th team sweeps: Jimani Wiechman, Shaela Taylor, Celeste Edwards, Kaatje Herndon, Nick Vail, Kylee Hopkins, Colby Barradas, and Addison Hopkins.

For Kiowa County's recent forensics tourney on Feb. 13th, Pratt High qualified five more entries for state championships or state festival: #1 Ruby Howell in Oration, #1 Ruby Howell in Extemporaneous Speaking, #2 Nick Vail in Extemporaneous Speaking, #4 Ruby Howell in Impromptu Speaking, and #5 Brett Boor in Prose. In addition, PHS earned second place in team sweeps right behind Sterling's first. From Pratt High School alone, 17 entries made it into finals. These included the following: #3 Darrian Cox in serious solo, #3 Colby Gordon in humorous Solo, #3 Kylee Hopkins and Maddie Drake in IDA, #3 Kylee Hopkins in informative speaking, #3 Autumn Kuemin in extemp, #4 Dawson Malone in hu- morous solo, #4 Colby Gordon and Michael Dishman in IDA, #4 Maddie Drake in informative speaking, #5 Dawson Malone in Impromptu Speaking, #5 Brett Boor in informative speaking, #6 Nick Vail in Impromptu Speaking, and #6 Michael Dishman in Informative Speaking. Adding points to the team's second-place sweeps included freshman Jimani Wiechman, a novice.

On March 2, the Greenbacks co-hosted the Highway 54 Forensics Tournaments with Kiowa County High School. The hybrid meet had two virtual rounds, followed by finals in person.