Shelter Insurance makes a move towards long-term community support

Billie Blair
Pratt Tribune
Shelter Insurance in Pratt has relocated to 104 N. Oak, in the former boys' home office building. The insurance office was previously located at 201 E. First Street in Pratt.

Jason Leslie of Pratt has expanded and relocated his Shelter Insurance business with a mind towards investment in the community. As of February 1, 2021, his office has been located in the former boys’ home office, known as the Pratt County Achievement Place.

“We have more space here at 104 N. Oak,” Leslie said.

In purchasing the building, he said also believes this shows his cus tomers his willingness to invest in being a part of the community for the long term.

The move to the new building went smoothly, especially since it was move-in ready. Clients have told Leslie they like the transition to the new location which was, orig- inally, built as a house. Leslie says his agency feels and looks like being in a home. Well-main- tained antique furniture is found in the waiting area, along with a fireplace and interesting, eye-pleasing wall decorations. Leslie’s personal office looks more like a comfortable, cozy den than a formal business-style office. He has accessorized his office with many meaningful items that represent who he is as a person and the many roles he has taken on in his lifetime.

Leslie served six years in the Marine Corps, getting out just before 9/11. He then served in the National Guard for three years. He was a law enforcement officer for 20 years, thirteen of those in Richmond, Va., where he experienced the high

crime rate and politics of big city life. He is cur- rently a member of the Pratt City Fire Department. Leslie connected with the city fire department through his involvement as the coordinator of the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program in Pratt, Kiowa, and Kingman counties. He has recently served as a Pratt City Commissioner.

Leslie moved his family to Kansas in 2010 from Virginia where he was born. His wife, Kristi, has a brother in Wichita, so there was family here to greet them. Initially, they lived in Andover where he learned about and worked as an insurance agent for brokers in that area. In 2015, the opportunity became available in Pratt to open his own insurance agency. He enjoys the Midwest with its slower paced lifestyle and down-to-earth people. About smaller town living, Leslie stated that, “Everybody knows everybody. Pratt has an extended family feel. It’s a great place to raise kids, too.” He likes going into stores and restaurants and seeing people he knows.

Leslie and his wife have two sons. The oldest is in college at Harding University in Arkansas where his parents met as students. The younger son is a student at Pratt High School with intentions of also going to Harding as the fifth generation in the family to attend this school. The entire family enjoys traveling throughout the state in their RV from Spring to August over the weekends. They have found many beautiful places to see in Kansas.