All four Greenbacks place at state archery tournament

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt High School archery students (from left) Mackenzie Shanline, Brett Boor, Angel Hernandez and Justice Fanning show the GenX bows they used in state competition last Saturday in Dodge City.

Pratt High School students Brett Boor, Angel Hernandez, Mackenzie Shanline and Justice Fanning all placed in the top ten of their divisions at the Western Kansas NASP State Archery Tournament, Saturday, March 20, in Dodge City.

Boor took 5th place and Angel Hernandez 7th in the high school boys division, while   Shanline was 5th and Fanning 7th in girls competition.

The state archery tournament, one of few held live this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, was also an exhibition for the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) which uses GenX bows designed to give high school archers more of a challenge and a segway into hunting experience.

“The students and I are excited about the new program and what we will be able to accomplish as we move forward as a team,” said PHS archery coach Michelle Popovich.  “We are also looking forward to being able to attend more tournaments in the future and add to our skills as we continue practicing and building our team.”

The Varsity Archer program began in Oklahoma in 2019.  It uses GenX bows that can be used for hunting and are designed to be used in a school program where many different archers may use the same bow but each archer needs a bow fitted for their use.  The GenX bows have several different settings that allow each user to quickly adjust the bow to their specific needs, Popovich said. 

Students learn how to determine what settings they need for things such as poundage and draw length.  They then record their six different settings for the next time they are ready to shoot.  They are then quickly able to make the necessary adjustments regardless of who used the bow last and how that person had set the bow for their use.