Younie Landscape: Putting customers' need first no matter what

Adam Younie
Pratt Tribune
Kevin and Scott Younie started their landscaping business in a garage in St. John but has grown his company from that point, always working to support community and build a strong employee team.

All businesses have challenges that make them stronger, if they’re to last. For Younie Lawnscapes, this challenge was landscaping McDonald’s in Pratt in 2018.

Looking back, Kevin Younie and his crew were hired to do landscaping for the new McDonald’s, and lots of hardships came their way, but they got the job done on time. Heavy rains and loss of workers came to be some of the major issues Younie Lawnscapes’ crew experienced. Despite the challenges, the workers put in the extra time, working every day and part of the weekends to get the job done. Despite the weather and the lack of skilled help, they completed the job on time.

Over the years Younie Lawnscapes has changed drastically. After starting out of a garage in St. John, this landscaping business moved to Pratt and grew into the thriving organization it is today. After years of running the business and doing the jobs, Kevin has become the supervisor for a larger staff. Younie used to go out on almost every single job, but now it is rare to see him on site. The owner trains the new employees and assigns them work, while he does more management and “selling” the jobs. In addition, Natalie King used to be the only one to manage the jobs and do the billing, but with the ever-expanding crew, more roles can be filled to do actual labor.

Younie Lawnscapes originally started in 1997 in St John by brothers Kevin and Scott Younie. At the time the only lawn care they could do was mow. The business has changed a lot since then. They have expanded their horizons to more lawn care services that range from putting in waterfalls to planting trees. Younie Lawnscapes has not had very much trouble from COVID 19. Kevin Younie said that the pandemic hasn’t affected them as much as other businesses. One of their few problems was the delay from manufacturers and needed products. Quarantine was a challenge for them due to the limited work force, but the team stayed strong. Finally, rising costs of materials due to the current state of the economy also affected the local business.

Every year Younie Lawnscapes has challenges seasonally. Every winter they hit a slump and they get out of it during the spring. Kevin Younie said that they prepare for the slump by expecting it to come, and they prepare by limiting product consumption.

Younie said that Younie Lawnscapes is unique because of the fact there is always something new. The business isn’t always mowing lawns or planting trees; sometimes they are removing rocks, making a waterfall, or in the winter removing snow from the streets.

Younie Lawnscapes isn’t just a landscaping company though; it supports local events too. The business supports a lot of youth travel teams across various sports, and they have done two internships through Pratt High so far. Younie Lawnscapes also helps with community projects like the Farmers’ Market or Greenback Garden by donating time or materials. When asked what he would change to the business to better the community of Pratt, Kevin Younie said that he would like to expand their services and create more jobs. When asked the same question, King said that they would like to continue to be the business that can service all aspects of any lawn.

Younie Lawnscapes’ main goal for this year is to build a stronger team. Younie wants to give better training to the workers that he has and any that arrive in the future. King said that they wanted to add more structure to make the business more organized and even more efficient. Younie Lawnscapes’ main goal is to grow and continue to service customers to the best of their ability.

Finally, Younie said one of their primary values is putting the customer and their needs first, and if any people are interested in contacting them, their phone number is 620-672-3301. Their website is

NOTE: Writer Adam Younie is nephew to Kevin Younie, interviewed for this article.