Patience and communication keep laundry business viable in Pratt for 30 years and counting

Kendra Prieto
Pratt Tribune
Judy Helsel, along with her husband, keeps Pratt people clean and starched with her unique business near the railroad tracks on North Main in Pratt.

Quality Laundry is a small, local, family business that is owned and managed by Judy Helsel. She has been running the business for almost 30 years and it’s conveniently located on North Main in Pratt.

When COVID-19 struck many small businesses last March, most of the businesses didn’t know what to do at that time. Still, Quality Laundry stuck to the guidelines and restrictions needed and gave their customers a good, welcoming experience. What has kept them going, even with COVID-19, is patience and good communication.

At any time, regardless of the pandemic, Helsel always tries to keep up the good work for the customers and the community. And what has always kept her customers coming back, Helsel said, is the good friendly atmosphere and everyone to feel welcome anytime.

“Few challenges come our way, but if any challenges come our way, we work our way around them or we work with the customer. It’s a learning process,” Helsel said.

She started her business because it is what she knew. She had worked at a laundromat for 10 years, opened her own small business in 1994. 

In the 30 years since Helsel started Quality Laundry, said she hasn’t ad to make any major changes.

“We haven’t made many changes to when we started, but we’ve stayed the same,” she said.

Helsel said they still focus on their business and customer’s experience, and they still clean, starch, and iron clothes. They do not dry clean, however.

Audrey Burns, Judy’s granddaughter, has seen how hard Helsel has worked on the business. Burns said the business is unique because of “how much work they can get done in one day because they have so much on a daily basis and still find a way to get it done.”

Burns said she also recognizes how dedicated her grandmother is to Quality Laundry.

“ She is very committed because of how long they’ve had the business and how much effort they’ve put into it, just to keep it going,” Burns said.

A goal that Quality Laundry would like to achieve this year is to be open to suggestions and advice for our customers and the community.

They offer a unique service and want to continue to be a viable part of the Pratt economic community.

Quality Laundry advertises their business on Facebook and on the local radio. For those needing a laundromat, they are located at 707 N. Main Street.