Generations demonstrate community care at Taylor Printing, a long-standing Pratt business

Emma Primrose
Pratt Tribune
Tyson Taylor is the current owner of Taylor Printing, a multi-generational business in Pratt, after stepping into his dad Jeff Taylor's shoes at the helm several years ago.

The Pratt community has learned to rely on one tradition that has stood the test of time in Pratt’s business communtity and that is Taylor Printing.

Taylor Printing has gone through many generations. Taylor’s grandfather was an apprentice to a printer when he was very young. Later on, he dropped out of high school and went to work full time. His grandfather ended up buying a business called McCoy's Print Shop in 1962, and built it into the multi-generational business it has been since then. Taylor’s father, Jeff, owned the store for many years, but turned over the business to his son, Tyson Taylor, who has been at the helm the past several years.

Taylor Printing is a well-known local business in Pratt, but it also is located in other places in Kansas. There are seven different stores in Kansas. Each of these stores helps with different projects. Some projects include making graphics for trucks, company brochures, wedding invitations, and much more.

Tyson Taylor cares a lot about the community which shows from some of the projects in the past. For example, the printer has helped out with Miss Kansas, with food coupons for White’s Food Liner, Pratt Lions Club raffle tickets and more.

Taylor values many things in his life besides owning a company, some of which is his religion and the impact he has on others. 

“God has blessed us a lot around here,” he said.

Taylor said his faith helps him overcome many business challenges, giving him the strenght to persevere and push through the rough times, like the recent COVID-19 pandemic. He also highly values his workers. 

Like any other business manager, Taylor has reasonable expectations for his employees, and they in turn are dedicated.

 “They stay focused, stay on task and they involve me in the decision-making progress.”

Although there may be some rules, he likes to keep a calm work environment. Tyson sees his employees as friends and will always make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Continuing this subject, Taylor’s favorite part about running this business is “the team, the environment, and how the people we work with are friends.”

Taylor has always loved Pratt and how much of a solid customer base he has. In turn, Taylor Printing has changed the town of Pratt by providing printing needs for the community.

For people who are interested in contacting this business, their phone number is (620) 672-3656. The business is located at 400 S. Main in Pratt.