Welcome to a magical land of mystical fairies in Pratt's Lemon Park

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Two small doll-fairies are having a tea-party at the base of a tree in Pratt's Lemon Park, while a third fairy (in purple) peaks out from the shadows of her bark alcove. Walkers in the area near the big iron bear and the garden gazebo have noticed that the number of mysterious fairy-garden scenes has been growing.

There is a small mystery evolving at Lemon Park in Pratt and it has to do with several little fairy villages that have sprung up this spring. At the base of several large trees in the northeast corner of the park, not far from the walking path as it meanders towards a big iron bear and the garden gazebo, little fairies are smiling out from tree bark perches.

"My neighbor, Claudine Johnson, found the first one and showed it to me while we were doing our daily walk around Lemon Park," said Pratt resident Meriam Thompson. "I thought it was so neat and gave me joy, so my two younger kids and I added quite a bit more to it and someone else added on to that."

At current count, there are at least 10 fairy-sized scenes set up underneath large trees. Some displays include a house, others a special message of peace or love, some are just a little, colorful doll perched in a tree, waiting for someone to stop and admire or play.

"It’s a small bit of magic to cheer walkers as they walk by if they notice it," Thompson said. "Whoever started it gave me the inspiration to add on. I thank that person for adding some cheery escape from our covid-laden existence."

Regular Lemon Park walker Deb Goyen said she has noticed that the fairies often change positions or have been moved.

"I think children might be playing with them," she said. "I'm afraid some are missing from when I first saw them and showed them to a friend."

Goyen, who might possibly be the most astute walker in the park when it comes to knowing where every rock, stone or tree rests because she is in charge of the Lemon Park Lights displays each Christmas season, said that when she noticed the first grouping of fairies recently, it was like finding hidden treasure.

"I’m pretty observant when walking thru the park anyway but I have been focusing more to see if I can spot others," Goyen said. "It’s kinda like stumbling on a painted rock that someone has left for others to find. I love it!"

Neither Thompson or Goyen had any idea who might have put out the first fairy setting at Lemon Park, but both agreed it was a fun mystery, and interesting to see other items slowly adding to the collection.

According to Pratt Parks Department Supervisor Dan Quint, there are no rules about bringing this type of small toy display into the park and leaving them, but he hopes the village won't grow too much larger.

"As long as it doesn't interfere with mowing or any other activities it's fine," Quint said. "It is kind of fun to see what pops up next. I have never seen anything like this before. It is a mystery."

A pink-jewled path leads up to a little blue door, surrounded by fairy-size decorations at Pratt's Lemon Park.
Maybe a mystical creature lives in the fairy-sized door at the end of the white rock path found recently at the base of a large tree in Pratt's Lemon Park.
A bright green frog oversees a tiny, mystical arrangement of fairy-sized items at the base of a large tree in Pratt's Lemon Park. No one knows for sure who started the fairy garden project, but many are enjoying the fun.